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RE: The Monster of Dis con nec ted Ness

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Dropping in to see you because she hasn't heard from you for a while seems like a very family thing to do XD

I have done the same to my aunty, but rather than hardware failure as such it's a tech ineptitude failure, she stores her phone in a drawer or sometimes forgets it and leaves it in the car for days on end and there was one occasion where she left the phone in the car and it went flat and then she always happened to be outside or in the shower when we were trying to call the house phone so I went over to check on her and all was well, aside from technological shenanigans XD

Waking up literally disconnected like the opening picture might have been somewhat...disconcerting XD

Hope you can get all the technological shenanigans resolved in not long :)


It´s a family thing for sure but I also feel she didn´t sense my twin power over the airwaves this time ,>)
Thanks for sharing your auntie story. I am not a crazy auntie or uncle yet but it sure was a fun read haha

I hope to be up and running again soon, although - in a way - I am enjoying the extra amount of digital detox.