Critical Question: Is The Germ Theory Still Valid?

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For a long time, people thought the earth was flat. Then we figured out it wasn't.

For a long time, all science was based on Newtonian physics. Then we discovered there was far more with quantum physics.

For the last while, medicine has been based on germ theory.

Yet what if it's not 100% correct?


At of lately, our whole world has been coming to a standstill based on an alleged crises, based on a theory that could potentially be fundamentally flawed. This is a valid time to be asking questions and exploring multiple perspectives for a broader picture of truths from which to be better equipped to handle this.

This interview from @dbroze with Dr. Andrew Kaufman is a top notch look at the whole issue from a strictly scientific standpoint. 👌

No shady conspiracy stuff here. Only a highly-professional, respectable, objective look at a key issue that has been under debate from many serious scientists and medical professionals yet ignorantly neglected by mainstream media and many health institutions with invested interests in maintaining a status quo.

Dr. Kaufman has been featured on a number of interviews lately, however this is an excellent overview of the issue with one of our own that is well-worth the watch and passing on... 🙏


It is so rewarding to listen to a man who is prepared, educated and knowledgeable about this subject. I also particularly believe that the body has its own defence mechanism against disease and should be allowed to do its job. I believe in that biological power that we all have. I also believe in the importance of knowing what we ingest, what we consume and what we feed ourselves with. And I'm not just talking about food, I'm talking about thoughts, feelings, things. We must be careful about what we feed our souls with. Watching the video, I remembered a chemist friend who has won international awards and who works with "antibiotics" and who told me that many laboratories are not interested in finding a cure for some diseases. It must be monstrous to play with people's health. Greetings and good day to you, @rok-sivante

Another interesting source, you found. I am with you in this investigation trip and do research in the German realm.
What the doc says about the real reason for the death of a person, I wondered a lot about in the past years. Connected with a world view which does not go with "single causes" or even "linear causes". Monocausality seems actually being more of a problem than anything else. People get tunnel views when they do not stay open for multiple angles of seeing (observing) things. Science always works with theories and not with laws. Every theory which became widely accepted is not because of water proof evidence but because of the human consensus, as Dr. Kaufman rightly emphasizes.

A doctor, when honest, would have to admit that he cannot say anything absolute about a death reason. Modern medicine, and actually many other branches, do like to take shortcuts in thinking and decision making processes.

For being certain to a great amount about a death cause, a doctor or a person who takes care of a patient would have to spend time, many hours in the presence of a human and not apart from him or her, totally relying on devices and neglecting his own sense of observation.

Thanks again! Very much appreciated.

All wonderfully-said! I completely agree.

Your welcome. And your feedback & input is also appreciated. 🙏

The weird thing seems to be, that many hypotheses are called theories. A theory needs to be universal, which most of medicine, economics and such don't fit the category.

❤️ @dbroze

Sadly, a large portion of medicine is reactive. It would be much better if we could put as much effort and research into preventative solutions versus having to constantly be reacting to everything that is happening.


Number of times anyone on mainstream media has even mentioned boosting one's immune system in the face of this pandemic: zero...?

Seriously, the intelligence level of the human species leaves me in absolute shock and disgust at times....

Some people who know that germ theory is complete bollocks think that the earth is flat - they really mess my headspace up!



are you outright stating that germ theory is complete bollacks?

I've only begun encountering this idea that it could be flawed, so am interested in counterperspectives...

Yeah, the whole 'vrrius' part of this is quite interesting.
I never even knew that they weren't living organisms (until the con-ora panicdemic). lol

I haven't delved into it much.. (yet).'s going on my 'things to do list', though...

Neither did I! It was actually pretty shocking to discover, as I honestly thought/assumed that was just a given that everyone knew!