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RE: Getting To Know One Another - Natural Medicine Challenge!

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I believe everyone needs to try psychedelics at least once. Oh I know that's a massive stretch and of course there are exceptions, but imagine how the world would be if everyone had just a couple of doors pushed open in perceptual pathways?

You have such a huge amount of empathy that it boggles me that you had such a debilitating time with it. Fascinating to read about your experiences with DMT and I know this long post isn't HALF of the story and there's so much more to tell!

I am so glad you are doing naturopathy.. my absolute dream career. I think because, as you say, it allows for a balance between science and other understandings.

I think we will eventually reach a balance and we can't dismiss 'scientific' knowledge in favour of another. Sometimes I think that's wishful thinking and the pessimist in me always thinks we are fucked, but then if people in MY bubbles are pro natural, why shouldn't others be? Critical mass, critical mass.

Thanks for sharing!!!