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Hello friends, I hope you are having an excellent day full of abundance. Today I want to start with a section in my blog about science and its different aspects for and by life.

This time I want to talk about psychology as a ''mixed'' science that can be used in many aspects of life, such as social, economic, religious, political or work-related. I have studied this subject on different occasions with friends in the field, as well as information I have gathered from different internet pages, you know, I am not a psychologist and I have no knowledge about it, other than what I have read and heard throughout my life.

With nothing more to add in this short introduction, let's start.



Psychology, by its very definition, is the science that studies behavior and understands mental processes. But it is also closely related to all the mental and social problems that can arise in people. A from research conducted in the field of clinical and social throughout history, Psychological and social factors have been shown to have a great influence on behavioral disorders, which are generally treated by specialists in their different areas.

We have different branches of psychology that deal with the behavior of groups or communities, this is social, as well as industrial psychology, organizational and educational, to name a few. Other types of social science, such as economics, sociology and anthropology, feed on the knowledge of psychology to explain the different social phenomena, since psychology creates the necessary knowledge about human behaviors, emotions and minds and their relationships with the environment.

Psychology is known to be based on knowledge from the natural sciences, such as genetics, evolutionary biology, ethology and neuroscience, while building his theories on knowledge from sociology, history and biological anthropology. All this makes psychology appear as a "mixed" science, partly natural and partly social. This situation becomes clearer if we start from the assumption that there is no parallel between the natural and social sciences and simply state that psychology is a science of human behavior and action.




Is psychology considered a social science or does it belong to it?

To answer the specific question, it should be noted that this question refers to an epistemological, academic and professionally relevant discussion.

It can be said that psychology is a "hinge science" because it integrates different levels of reality: the biological and the social. The psychological level is the highest level of integration and in it are present mechanisms of the biology of the species, as already mentioned, but they would not be more developed if they did not have a sociocultural context that gives them meaning and relevance. Thus, it can be said that the object of study is the processes of thinking, feeling and acting, which apply to both individual and collective subjects.

Although it requires anatomical-physiological structures, is first and foremost a social process. The psychological being needs others, who make up the sociocultural framework that facilitates the structuring of rational, sentimental and behavioral processes.




In short, psychology is a mixed science or hinge science, as it integrates different levels of reality: The main objectives are linked to other processes of state policy and the development of a country: health, education, community development, labor, among many others. By its nature, it has to do with all these processes in an integrative or holistic function

Thank you again for reading this post and I wish you a happy journey in this life, blessings always.




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Such a huge subject to cover, one automatically thinks of the mind and how it works when we hear the word psychology, but it is so much more. So many thinks affect and influence and our interaction with our environment and the impact it has has on us is a huge aspect of it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this Johnny xxx
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Natural Medicine

Right, there are so many things we can discuss about it, that's why I call it ''mixed science'' because it can be studied in so many things in life, from work stress to natural human conditions. It's a very large topic that I would like to always touch on here. Thanks to you for reading and commenting Truck, nice to see you here. ♥

Good information, I like that definition psychology is a mixed science, it is as deep as our behavior and mind, we are always different we are never identical to our self of the day before.

That's true my friend, you are correct. Every day we are different, the mind is wonderful and complex at the same time. Thank you for your comment. :D