Some of the best Video Resources for Debunking the Pathogenic Virus Claim

In speaking to a friend the other day we came to the dreaded corona topic but we had a rather productive exchange. You see he doesn't quite belief in the narrative religiously, but he does doubt the possibility that it could be a hoax of sorts, that the institutions of the world are lying about it in some fashion and he basically believes the official statistics are genuine and representative.

Still, he feels ambiguous about getting a vaccination, it would mainly be intended to enable to fly again so he asked for my take on it.

In our talk we found common ground and had an awesome exchange where I conveyed to him some of the major doubts I have about the whole narrative, with solid reasoning. And when he asked me for that reasoning so I offered to share some resources with him that I find highly illuminating in regards to the whole virus scare and corona among all the unfounded claims out there that may or may not be true.

And in good Hive manner I want to share those resources here with you, just to give you something you can forward to those in your life honestly looking for some solid basis for the arguments against corona and the virus-vaccination program.

There are some gems buried out in internet land that need way more views and that might have the potential to leave some newcomers speechless as to the degree that this virus hoax has been perpetrated on humanity for decades.; particularly the first link below where we can clearly see this hoax is neither a new thing nor has it ever been established on scientific grounds - quite the contrary. It's just that hardly anyone ever hears about that side of the debate because there hardly is a debate.

There are also some links that give the interested researcher a great point to start, specifically the tale of Louis Pasteur the grand charlatan.

Enjoy <3

Doctors Discuss Corporate Medical Practices and Beliefs

Andrew Kaufman on the Highwire w/Del Bigtree 7-16-20

Louis Pasteur was a fraud, germ theory is false

Debunking germ theory - Louis Pasteur admitted he was wrong

Virologist Says Measles Virus Doesn't Exist - Offers 100K Reward For Anyone With Actual Evidence

Dr. Vernon Coleman - We are witnesses of the greatest crime in history

If you want to get real scientific and read about the issues with the virus theory you could read some of Dr. Stefan Lanka's work who has spelled it out in great detail:

At first glance, it may present as a solid scientific debate out there but if we look closer we find CGI graphics instead of photographs and the utter lack of evidence for the narrative claimed, to a degree that really has to stun the open-minded inquirer.

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I had a phone fight with my accountant today. I usually head over to his office with my totals and we talk it all over face to face. It's time to schedule that appointment.

He said "You're vaccinated, right?"
I said "No, I'm part of the control group of the medical experiment."
"It's not an experiment."
"It is. You are among the human test subjects."
"There have been 150 million human test subjects so far and no one has died."
"Lots of people have died."
"There's a lot of false info out there. Someone said there were 4000 deaths, but that is not true. Where are you getting your information? "
"The government website, VAERS."

It went on like this until both of us got heated. He said to come over anyway tomorrow. I cannot believe how stupid many of us are about his. Just plain brain dead.

Thank you for your work.


Aye it's a great test for all of us these days. Some are ready, some are not. But then some may be on the fence if they found some credible information such as doctors from old vhs tapes discussing the matter.

Not sure how long one can believe the tale without anyone they know dying. Everything in our environment looks like it has always looked but so many simply see it through the media theatre lens

all the best to ya!