Induced Day time napping: Bad for Toddlers, There are Natural ways!

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Raising offsprings is not a minor task, it takes dedication, devotion and uttermost care. Children are handful, that's a fact, and many parents like to take shortcuts. Like inducing them into sleep during the day, maybe when parents are tired of their excessive energy or they just need the house to be calm. There is a natural wat to make kids nap, that is if, when their parents follow a strict health routine.

What is induced napping/siesta? It happens when you use drug to force a toddler to sleep willingly or unwillingly. Sadly, most Crèche, Daycares and Kindergartens do this very much often to keep kids calm and docile. Many parents also do it, but it is a bad form of parenting and it could impair a child's neutral and motor skills development.

While writing this, I made two version of this post: a funny story and the one every parent should try and read if chanced. I'll post the funny story later on, but this one seems more pressing than the humor story. There's a lesson in both write up, for parents and prospective ones.

Most Children, from six months old to around six or seven years old could be very restless and its by default and by their feeding habits. Some could be so calm and somewhat docile too due to feeding. They have this strange energy that could exhaust any adults and that is why some parents induce with sleeping drugs(proportioned) their kids to sleep when they are fed up of chores or needed a me-time. Its bad, and it is so unfortunate that sugar rush is also one of the contributing factors for toddlers being restless. Its like what alcohol does to adults, when kids take sugar in excess, they get intoxicated too and that explain some of these endless energies if you as a parent do not time or control their sugar intake.

Medically,kids with underlying health problems could result in shabby sleeping patterns. However, this is just a smaller portion of the total population, most kids won't have a siesta during the day if the parents do not enforce it.

Instead of drugging these little supercharged humans to sleep, they need some outdoor time to burn those energy. An hour or two outdoor play knocks a toddler out cold like you are seeing in the image, it sometimes works better than sleeping drugs and its best for any healthy child. This helps them grow strong physically and mentally, also helps develop some vital bonding and survival skills.

Chose some outdoor time over induced nap time, you don't have time: find it and create one. You are doing yourself a favour as well as your family if your children jumps around outside in the mud or sand, grass or cushioned play surface. Your duty as the father and mother is to have healthy kids and not junkies, make them tired from physical activities and not drugs!