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The blessed mask is a weapon of slow death! With propriety, I can say that using them can be cumbersome, especially in a climate like ours which is hot and humid almost all year round. Here in Venezuela it is mandatory to wear a mask even if you live in the countryside. If you do not use it, you are exposed to imprisonment or a fine of thousands of tax units. I have read that not all masks are made of the same material and that the more sophisticated they are, the greater their effectiveness in combating the coronavirus. But in countries like mine, Venezuela, where the majority of the population does not have enough to eat, I doubt that we will be able to spend money on advanced masks made with first class materials. I've seen people on the streets wearing scarves tied to their faces, pieces of flannel, fabric from used clothes, simulating a mask. Yesterday I read that the Kardashian would launch a line of masks to fight the Covid-19. The show goes on and the fear serves to make money. Good Monday, @rok-sivante! Greetings