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RE: Critical Question: Is The Germ Theory Still Valid?

in Natural Medicinelast year

It is so rewarding to listen to a man who is prepared, educated and knowledgeable about this subject. I also particularly believe that the body has its own defence mechanism against disease and should be allowed to do its job. I believe in that biological power that we all have. I also believe in the importance of knowing what we ingest, what we consume and what we feed ourselves with. And I'm not just talking about food, I'm talking about thoughts, feelings, things. We must be careful about what we feed our souls with. Watching the video, I remembered a chemist friend who has won international awards and who works with "antibiotics" and who told me that many laboratories are not interested in finding a cure for some diseases. It must be monstrous to play with people's health. Greetings and good day to you, @rok-sivante