Mental health: Resistance and rebellion is mental maturity!

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Assess teenagers' personalities

Questioning the values ​​of maturity, however painful it may be for adults, is not a sign of doom. This is the most important part of maturity. Especially in a society that is broken, destroyed, and deviant.

As a parent you may feel painful when your opinions are always denied and challenged by your teenagers, and sometimes when you force them to succeed you are considered to have "middle" class values ​​and are only interested in "treasures , objects and money". But you have to believe, they are the candidates for successful people in the future. Teens usually like rebellious and idealistic. They often oppose you with frightening ideas.

If you respond to them with the words "when you are my age you will change your mind" or "you are too young to understand this", be prepared to be ridiculed and considered one of the damaged pillars that must be destroyed immediately. Because in any case your statement will be rejected by those who see the world through a new perspective different from you.

Fighting and teenage rebellion are good luck

Because if you think a dutiful and obedient teenager is better, you are wrong, because often these teenagers will grow up with childish traits and always rely on parents. So that his future will be more difficult.

Some parents think and feel insecure and afraid of teenage freedom outside the home, making teenagers think that the outside world is a threat and a dangerous place. So they will always depend on you and are afraid to lead an independent life.

Believe me, you have created your own great catastrophe...!

However, parents should not be silent against rebellious teenagers. You have to channel their idealism in the right direction, educate them to become active and creative rebels to resist negative things, such as being a teenager who can not be compromised on corruption, bribery, and so on.

Basically, the soul of rebellion is important, they must dare to oppose injustice and falsehood, because a coward is the one who is afraid to reveal the truth, and they are the weakest of weak human beings. For that adolescent need proper guidance and surely.

You can not force teenagers to live up to the standard values ​​and rules you make at all times, but they must also know where the limits are set, so they have a safe point and space to move. If they rebel, you can not immediately convict them with those mistakes, you should give a logical and reasonable reason why it is "wrong". You must solve the problem by discussing, not with emotion.

Teenagers are idealistic people

They want to change the world, they have aspirations, and greatly appreciated if your busyness becomes an obstacle to realizing their ideals. Many facts show that teenagers who feel themselves less fortunate end up choosing to be naughty and wild children. You must understand this, or else you have destroyed their future. The fastest teenagers who can see hypocrisy, then educate them wise and honest.

do not force

Do not force them to follow your will, because every teen wants to be free and live in their own way, your duty to advise and control. Wait and be patient, someday they will consider the advice that has been rejected and maybe they have forgotten where the advice came from.

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