Vaccine or Health - Your Choice... The Jab is the Opposite of Organic, Non-GMO, and Vegan

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Planning to get the jab? Already got it? Do you get flu shots every year?

If so, you might as well just start eating McDonalds, drinking Red Bull, smoking cigarettes, and hitting the IV drugs.

Why pretend?

PS: Remember, mRNA therapy is not a vaccine.




You are a lucky man because you did research before taking the vaccination... but I was stupid when I searched for this information about vaccination after I killed my son...
I have lived very difficult days with my son's illness due to vaccination ...
I still suffer from regret because I allowed them to vaccinate him...
He died last year. And I always try to tell everyone about the poison of vaccination ...
You can find a lot of people still think that your words are just global conspiracy myths...
But they will realize that your words are true when they see the effects of this poison on their children and loved ones.
Thank you @kennyskitchen for that.

Why people are so quick to get in line for the poke n' squirt, I just don't understand it. Collectivism?

Fear & propaganda. They just got a 24-hour-per-day feed of how terrifying covid is, and how the vaccine is literally the only thing that can save them. For 14 months straight so far. Plus, most of them already believed that "vaccines" are the only way to protect themselves from diseases.

Wouldn’t get it for 1 million

Maybe, MAYBE... for a million Bitcoins. Maybe.

People appear to have been driven to madness by the government who are lining them up for the vax. I would avoid it at all costs.

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