The impact of the sun on our emotions

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Much is said about enjoying a rich day of sunshine on the beach, in the middle of summer, as people can enjoy it, it is very easy to see how they are activated by being in contact with this magical combination of salt water and sun.

It is also evident what causes in most people a cold, cloudy weather, and if it is rain or snow, even worse, it seems that the pace decreases, the energy decreases, and the mood has to be not the best. So much so that it is determined that in cold countries where the four seasons are, the colder seasons, with heavy snowfalls, the consultations for depression increase, as well as the rates of suicide.


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¿Tendrá esto una relación directa con la temperatura? De ser así, el sol está implícito en esta característica climática, al menos…


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Let's see, the sun has an effect on us, on our skin it acts and produces many beneficial things . As long as the exposure is not exaggerated, even in those moments of the day when it is more intense, obviously.

It causes the activation of a cascade of events in our body that translate into a better state of health(production of vitamin D, for the metabolism of Calcium, for example). And of course, considering that health is not only physical, but mental, the solar component is a determinant - in many opportunities - of our emotions.

I have been able to notice the difference in the people where I currently reside, Bogota- Colombia, in general terms is a cold city, but the days are of an intense sun with certain frequency, these days people tend to be more willing to talk, share, even the costumes are more free, more adapted to that climate, obviously.


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But the situation changes when the sun is not present in an intense way and rather it is the cold and cloudiness that predominates, I have felt that people walk slower, they feel less energetic and willing. And even less willing to go out.

This I say is based on my personal experience, on my observation, and I can conclude that without a doubt the sun is an indispensable source of natural energy, but that since it is not present, but predominantly cloudy, it has a somewhat adverse effect on people's emotions. I myself, a person who likes to be out and about, doing activities, have felt little desire to go out when the days are totally overcast, and I have been able to observe this personally.

I believe that being aware of this can make us minimize the effect that the absence of solar energy has on our emotions, mentalizing us in a positive way and providing us with well-being in a natural and simple way.

What do you say? Have you felt that somehow the influence of the sun on your mood?

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The spectrum of sunlight is very different in the early morning - it has far more red light in the hours 6-9am and is incredibly healing. I'm writing this as I sit outside, light bathing at 8.53am over a pot of green tea. I do this most mornings, when I can.

Light is an INCREDIBLE natural healing gift.

Wow, I think we have a big time difference. Where I live, it's still nighttime.
Today the sun was very good, I like it more when it is like that, than when the cold is what prevails, but, we cannot control nature, so it is up to us to accept what there is, and be grateful with what we have and what nature gives us.

Thanks for your comment friend @astemislives
Keep enjoying your tee, and the divine morning sun.

El sol es una de las medicinas naturales más increíbles del planeta. No por nada nuestras culturas originarias veneraban el trabajo del Sol en nuestras vidas: no solo hacía crecer nuestras siembras sino también nos daba fuerza para trabajar y ayudaba a alejar nuestra Panema, esa nube gris que a veces parece cubrir nuestra alma.

La Vitamina D es también uno de los remedios más seguros cuando estamos enfermos - especialmente en la mañana y después de las 4 pm, como mencionas.

Y te entiendo jajajajaj en Bogotá la gente es muy gris. Pero también parece cierto, en mi propio estudio de cómo el clima afecta nuestras emociones, que poco sol ayuda a tener un carácter más amable y tranquilo. La gente de montaña y climas templados son un millón de veces más tranquilos y educados que las personas de clima muy cálido (como en Puerto la Cruz, donde vivía, o Maracaibo, donde nací). El exceso de sol como que nos altera demasiado jajajajajajj pero también tenemos más sabor. 😅

Excelente post. Gracias por compartirlo. 💛

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Me sorprendió la respuesta en español, pero es agradable.
Imagino que algún venezolano detrás de la cuenta.
Soy de Maracay, y si, mucho sol hace que en general seamos más acelerados.

"poco sol ayuda a tener un carácter más amable y tranquilo."

Eso que menciona es real, nuestra gente de Mérida y Táchira, que son sitios fríos, son muy amables. Realmente, lo que aunado al clima provoca estar.

"pero también tenemos más sabor." 😅

JA, J A, JA, JA, Totalmente cierto...

Debes ser [email protected], eso humor se reconoce ja ja ja
Muchas gracias por el comentario.

I feel its the opposite from where I come from. We have a tropical climate, where the heat is unbearable and irritating, makes the skin oily. We love walking and Jogging early in the morning, thats when the climate is is the best.

Apart from the 6 months of Unbearable heat, the other 6 months are monsoon.

We depend on our homes and gyms for getting some excercise.

It's a little hard to live in such hot climates, I know. And now I have the contrast. I'm from a tropical country, quite hot, and I currently live in a place with a very pleasant climate, and I prefer the cold, now that I've tried it for several years.
Thanks for your comment @mrsahil99