Natural and Simple Way to Avoid High Blood Pressure - Part 1

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Hello community of Natural Medicine, it's a pleasure to be here again, taking up some topics of interest, related to health but from a more holistic, more natural approach. My first encounter with this community was last week as a participant in In Celebration of the Launch of Adiwa Thrive - Win up to 100 HIVE!, where I was the winner, and I don't say this because some Hive people have come to my wallet to participate in this contest, but because I was able to learn a word that has human transcendence, that comes from our aboriginal ancestors and that invites to a more harmonious and balanced life.

Having said that, I would like to go into a very common health/disease issue, unfortunately, but I am sure that if more balanced and healthy eating habits were assumed, besides a better control of emotions the figures of this disease and its consequences would be much less discouraging, I want to talk about Hypertension, and the importance of a good diet in its control and better still in avoiding it to be expressed.

We well know that this disease is quite frequent in a very large percentage of the population, and in recent decades its expression has been increasing, and not only this, but the damage it produces in the various target organs (kidneys, eyes, heart, arteries, etc.) are usually detected at a very late stage, causing very significant damage.


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Blood pressure as a basic concept can be defined as the force that blood exerts on the arteries when it is expelled from the heart, previously oxygenated in the lungs. Arterial hypertension is a disease in which this pressure is very strong, and produces damage in different organs that are hit by the blood with force repeatedly. It is known as the Silent Killer, as it rises gradually over the years, and the body adapts to the high pressures, which is why the person usually does not realize it until it may be too late.


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But the intention is not to complicate the publication with scientific terms (diastolic, systolic, mean, etc), but rather to see how we can prevent it from manifesting itself in everyday life, together with its consequences. Before mentioning this basic care, I must say that a small percentage of cases of hypertension are due to organic dysfunction, hereditary, tumors secretion of some substances that raise the tension.

However, I have to point out that most of them are due to bad eating habits and lack of exercise, bad management of emotions (this point is not approved as such in the classification of health institutions), but in spite of this I mention it based on my experience.

Let's talk about the first:


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Bad eating habits:

The tension rises because there is a resistance in the arteries, which become much more consistent and hinder the passage of blood which makes the tension rise. But, what does nutrition have to do with it? triglycerides and cholesterol are what cause the hardening of the arteries, they get stuck in the walls of these and decrease the caliber, which makes the pressure higher.

The solution?: eat better than we do, less fried food, less fat, less butter, less carbohydrates. Food is key to maintaining health. Eating naturally to stay healthy, simple, don't you think? A diet that is mainly vegetables, salads, low-fat is ideal. It doesn't mean that just because you ate a hamburger once you condemned your life, but that it's not an everyday habit.

In recent decades access to what we know as fast food or junk food has marked an increase in the expression of various diseases among which Arterial Hypertension and Diabetes stand out, but they are not the only ones, then, in a good measure of hanging from ourselves, in a very easy way to make us that damage.

For now I must conclude, I think this publication is already quite long, so the points that have to do with lack of exercise and mismanagement of emotions I will touch on in a next publication.

Thank you very much for your support.

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Diet is so key to most of our health problems! It should no doubt be the first thing we look at.

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The truth is that diet is the main thing to avoid disease. It can't be neglected.
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