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RE: Bringing IN the weeds!

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I was brought here my @curie! Yes, many weeds are nutritious, and most greenery normally hauled off-site would still probably serve better as compost so the nutrients can return to the soil.

That said, we have a few truly noxious weeds here which warrant special attention. Spotted knapweed is an abomination! You can't eat it, livestock can't eat it, it poisons the soil, and happily grows in gravel.


Some of the weeds that aren't directly useful as food or medicine are great indicators of what is wrong with the soil that they're growing in.

True that. I just live on glacial till, or maybe a remnant gravel bar from when Glacial Lake Missoula last burst. Essential clay and gravel with just enough topsoil for conifers.

I see I typoed my referral attribution. Fixed!

Glacial till sounds like it would be hard to grow stuff on. I've never worked with it before. What are it's properties as a soil?

Gravel and clay. No organic material to speak of. You need lots of good manure and compost.

sounds horrible. What kind of plants grow there naturally?