Cancer and our Ancestors

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"fruit, the fleshy or dry ripened ovary of a flowering plant, enclosing the seed or seeds. Thus, apricots, bananas, and grapes, as well as bean pods, corn grains, tomatoes, cucumbers, and (in their shells) acorns and almonds, are all technically fruits". Encyclopaedia Britanica

Last night Cancer got me thinking. In my thoughts I wondered why cancer is prevalent today, than in the ancient days, when healthcare was still at it's infancy...

Could it be that most of their dead suffered cancer without knowing? We may never know.

Cancer is defined as the malignant proliferation of cells in the body. Because they found a way of evading the normal homeostatic regulation of the body, their proliferation is without end, hence they're immortal in nature.

I began to notice things men did those days, practices of which have been abandoned today!

Of these things I found out that men don't eat fruits like before!! So I decided to research the benefits of some of my favorite fruits and present it to you, as my way of fighting Cancer!!

  1. First on my list is MANGO!


Mango is classified as a stone fruit, that is edible and of different species. The fruit belongs to a plant genus known as genus mangifera. The term mango was derived from the Portuguese word manga. Just like other stones fruits, it has a large seed in the middle, covered by the succulent fibres which house the juice. A thin membrane coats the fruit. Mangoes when unripe can be unpalatable however, the ripe ones both nutritional and appealing to eat.

As a child, this was one of my favorite fruits, I would give anything to have one..


  • It prevents and fights Cancer.
  • Required for healthy eyes.
  • Plays a role in regulating diabetes
  • Promotes Skin regeneration
  • maintains a healthy cholesterol level


they belong to the Bromeliaceae family do plants. Its an edible fruit. It produces sweet juice that can be extracted then utilized. It also has fibres that make up the edible mass.

The fruit can be used for the production of fruit juice of different variety.

Nutritional Benefits:

  • Prevents Cancer
  • Aids food digestion
  • Good for bone and teeth development
  • Required for good eye sight
  • Contains antioxidants
  1. **CUCUMBER: **


Cucurbitaceae, this is the family it belongs to. Its a fruit borne by vine plants. It has a very interesting biblical history. As it was mentioned in the Bible when the rescued Israelite cried out in pain and wished they were let to live in Egypt where they were served cucumber and garlic.

One would think Cucumber is a very delicious and mouth watering fruit, after listening to them😅. But the reverse was the case when I first tasted the fruit.

Of a truth, it wasn't palatable to me. It was tasteless and filled with seeds. However as time went on, I came to love the fruit. Now I eat it a lot especially with fried nuts.


  • Prevents Cancer
  • Contains Antioxidants against Oxidative stress
  • Promotes body Hydration
  • Plays a role in diabetes Management


Just like Cucumbers, Water Mellons also belong to this family, the Cucurbitaceae. It also originates from a vine like plant that lacks a stem. The vine runs on the soil, and climbs on sticks or any other vertical structure on its part during its apical growth.

Both fruits have one thing in common, numerous seeds embedded within he edible fires of the fruit. However unlike cucumber that are tasteless, most watermelon fruits are sweet and have lots of water content.

I also eat this fruit a lot, sometimes I substitute water with it. This is to show you the magnitude of water it contains.


  • Prevent Cancer
  • Body Hydration
  • Downplay Inflammation and Oxidative Stress
  • Prevents cellular Degeneration

Guys this is where I draw the Curtain!!

Asides from playing a role in the prevention of cancer, fruits play an essential role in maintaining the normal physiological function of the human body. For example, Substances called antioxidants, are abundant in fruits. The body produces a lot of harmful oxides every second. These antioxidants when present, mobs up the oxide and converts them into a less harmful variety. The resultant effect is the maintenance of the cell membrane's structural integrity and consequently reduce wear and tear, thus ageing rate is slowed.

You can find other nutritional facts Here

I hope you enjoyed this series. I will be doing more of this in the future, give me feedback about the improvements you want to see.
Also Comment your favorite fruit and one of its benefits.....



Impressive write up. Indeed some of the diseases we see today were absent decades ago. This means our eating habit and diet is important and we should pay better attention to them.

The importance of fruits and vegetables cannot be underestimated.

Sure Kemmy vegetables and fruits are invaluable components of a balanced diet

The rate at which cancer increase on daily basis baffles me, and this makes me to think about how people survive in the olden days, well your have list out the causes of cancer.

Then people eat more healthy food with fruits that vwioo help them to build their Body system, not like the Junk food we are taking nowadays.

Nice post!

Wow...what an educative post. To prevent cancer it is better we eat more of fruit.
Nice one. Thanks

Fruits and vegetables provide nutrients that protect the body against other health crisis asides from cancer.. Thanks for reading

I think its because the modern world has a lot more stressors let alone carcinogens from industry. Local, simple food, community and healthy air... probably a recipe for better health.

Posted on

Yes the increasing levels of carcinogens consumed in canned foods, coupled with the environmental and climate degradation resulting from industrialization is a strong culprit in the case... Thanks for your contributions.

I didn't know that cucumber and watermelon are siblings, belonging to the same family. Fruits have a number of health related benefits. God has created all of these things for us

Yeah God made the earth to be perfect, he provided every solution, just that we choose to ignore some


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Thanks a lot, I appreciate this support

No doubt, fruits play an important role in our well being. Cancer spread in this generation simply for the very reason we neglect our diets.
We ought to pay more attention to eating fruits. Watermelon, cucumber, mango, pineapple etc would improve our immunity against these diseases.
This is such a wonderful post. Keep it coming buddy.

Once the immunity is down, the body becomes defenseless... Cancer and all other forms of illness. This is where fruits and vegetables come into play

Funny enough, some of these things are not expensive in the market. Only that people buy what will endanger their health with big money.

Haha carbonated drinks especially

Seriously. There is a need for public enlightenment on this issue.

I agree

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