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If there is any subject that can unite the entire world, it would have to be sex. Two people of the opposite gender from different parts of the world might not understand a word of each other's language but will always understand any gesture that has to do with sex. The sex and sex-related industry is a multi-billion dollar industry with porn taking a large chunk of the shares.

Except for a very few who are probably suffering from hormonal imbalance, sex represents an important part of every human's life. Many people spend a large part of their existence chasing orgasms and seeking to improve their sexual lives. Insecurities of humans on the bed have been capitalized on and a wide variety of products and services innovated proferring solutions for the sake of profit. Hence, it is not uncommon to see online and real-life advertisements of penis enlargement pills/creams, vagina tightening substances, sexual performance-enhancing drugs, and many other related products.


Young men and women go as far as abusing substances just to maximize sexual gratifications. Drugs meant to treat a particular ailment are taken by people who are not sick just because one of the side effects of the drug is the enhancement of sexual energy. I happened to have spent a couple of years working as a frontline salesperson for a retail pharmaceutical outlet in the past and the experience was an eye-opener to the level humans can go to improve their sexual performance - young men especially.

Anafranil is one of those drugs that was commonly purchased by young guys back then. The drug is primarily synthesized for the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorders but has a couple of side effects, including difficulty in having orgasms.source The drug whose active content is clomipramine is sold as oral tablets and available in different strengths.

Now, the interesting thing is that the difficulty in having orgasms was seen as an effect to exploit by the young men taking the drug. Delayed/difficulty in ejaculation is seen as a sexual strength in this part of the world with some men boasting over 3 hours of continuous sex without cumming. It is not uncommon to see many ladies casting aspersion on men that cum within minutes of penetrative sex. In short, the men were taking Anafranil just for delayed ejaculation.

Another of the drugs whose side effects are exploited for sexual gratification is Tramadol. The drug is primarily manufactured for the treatment of moderate to severe pains but has a rather controversial use as an antidote for premature ejaculation.source Hence, tramadol is routinely picked up from pharmacies and roadside chemists by men of different ages and taken for improved sexual performances.

Apart from drugs whose side effects are utilized for sexual performances, there is a wide range of approved drugs that are primarily synthesized to treat sexual dysfunctions and improve libido in both men and women. The active ingredients of these drugs include sildenafil citrate, taldalafi, vardenafil, etc and are often sold as Viagra, Cialis, Tadalis, Vega, etc.

By Miguel menxtend - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Locally, there are anecdotally proven herbal concoctions for sexual performance enhancement and these are freely advertised and sold on the streets, motor parks, and even in commercial buses. The locally concocted herbal drugs are often sold by voluptuous women who sometimes make themselves available as test subjects for men that might want to check the efficacy of the concoctions; of course, at a cost.

In Nigeria, most of the men that are sexually inadequate or seeking to further impress their women in bed prefer to patronize roadside herbal sellers because they are cheaper and easier to get, unlike approved conventional drugs. In addition, the claim that these herbal concoctions are organic often make even rich, educated fellows to partake in them. However, a recent discovery showed that the claim of 100% organic can be false and in several cases, the so-called herbal concoctions are often mixed with conventional sexual performance-enhancing drugs just for them to appear more potent. Aminu and his co-researchers (2020) during their investigaton discovered that 16 out of 50 aphrodisiac herbal preparations randomly sampled in Nigeria contained sildenafil citrate.

The practice of adulterating sexual performance enhancing herbal conctions with conventional prescriptive aphrodisiac drugs is not just peculiar to Nigeria. Pandey and parikh (2017) have also reported the presence of sildenafil citrate and its derivatives in aphrodisiacs herbal formulations being sold in India.

The adulteration of aphrodisiac herbal formulations can pose serious health risks to their consumers and it would be intereting to find out what a reserach into the specific effects would look like. Even at that, humans will continue to explore different means to optimize sexual gratification even at the dentriment of their health.

Thank you all for reading.


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I think food and music might be a better unity tool, I don't often want to have sex with everyone but I do want to eat their food and dance to their music.

Well, I guess it varies. I, for one, don't do music and only eat minimally. Taste in music and food vary greatly among people but sex is sex.