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RE: Critical Question: Is The Germ Theory Still Valid?

Another interesting source, you found. I am with you in this investigation trip and do research in the German realm.
What the doc says about the real reason for the death of a person, I wondered a lot about in the past years. Connected with a world view which does not go with "single causes" or even "linear causes". Monocausality seems actually being more of a problem than anything else. People get tunnel views when they do not stay open for multiple angles of seeing (observing) things. Science always works with theories and not with laws. Every theory which became widely accepted is not because of water proof evidence but because of the human consensus, as Dr. Kaufman rightly emphasizes.

A doctor, when honest, would have to admit that he cannot say anything absolute about a death reason. Modern medicine, and actually many other branches, do like to take shortcuts in thinking and decision making processes.

For being certain to a great amount about a death cause, a doctor or a person who takes care of a patient would have to spend time, many hours in the presence of a human and not apart from him or her, totally relying on devices and neglecting his own sense of observation.

Thanks again! Very much appreciated.


All wonderfully-said! I completely agree.

Your welcome. And your feedback & input is also appreciated. 🙏