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RE: Life Elixer going Bad

in Natural Medicinelast year

Update to post: Now two cups of coffee down the road, nothing unusual happened. Miss migraine blown to kingdom come; A little more energy; Still having my morning cloud (another note to self: shall reduce carbs intake).


Sorry, but I will use this post, ie this time this comment, to follow up with my update, on the topic of migraine.
Miss migraine came back yesterday to me, but I managed to suppress her with pharmaceutical means. I'm worse this morning, feeling weird and nauseous. The pain is still bearable, but it won't end well if I don't reach for more magic elixirs from the pharmacy.
A little rant came back your way haha, sorry :p

What is happening with your ones? Do they ever hit again or you are managing to keep them away lately?

hahahahaha let the Rants grow at HIVE hahahaha
I really do hope you found these extra mega elixers and they did what they are suppose to do!
Any better today?
Mine are gone since the comment above, or kinda quickly after that one.

It was just a small one, not even for the rant and complain sub community :)

Yesterday I was very good in the afternoon after the right elixir. This morning woke up to the same bad feeling, so day 3. I am already better, took the same thing, so at least it helps.

Great it never happened again to you after this post 🙌 🙌

I should write a similar one haha, so maybe it would end my troubles too :D

you can always try indeed! who knows :) 👍