The bees - All you need to know

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General introduction
Insects are the creator of biological foundation for all ecosystem because

They cycle nutrients, pollinate plants, disperse seeds, maintain soil structure and fertility, control populations of other organisms, and provide a major food source for other taxa

Bees are naturally insets that offers great benefits to human and the ecological system as a whole. They are winged insect that possess great potential. One of which is the production of a very important substance known as honey and and beeswax. They produce honey into a sponge like structure known as the honey comb from which the honey is squeezed out during extraction.

These insects actually produce the bees using the nectar of flowers, isn't that amazing? It will interest to know that honey is a very powerful antioxidants (a substance that removes radicals and oxidant that cause damage to cells). Their potential is huge when harnessed.

The potentials that abound

The widely used product of bees is honey. A golden brown viscous liquid with a very sweet taste. Honey is regarded as the sweetest natural substance produced by an insect. Most people use honey as a therapeutic agent because it has been proven to have both antibacterial (ability to kill bacteria) and antiseptic property (ability to ward off infections).

In Africa, honey is widely used by diabetic patients in place of sugar. Mostly it is mixed with tea, taken with bread, and also used as a sweetening agent in pap (similar to custard you all know) in place of sugar.

Despite the sweetness and all that, not everyone love honey! That's a fact and one of such person is me @cyprianj. Well, as they would say,

One man's meat is another man's poison

Honey does not go down well with me because I detest the smell and it makes me want to vomit or throw up each time I perceive it. This is where our genetic make up plays a role. That you love something doesn't mean others are going to like it. Just the way many persons love cucumber,
I so much detest.

All human defers and this aspect in pharmacology is what is called pharmacogenomics. In take of honey is a very good because of the its health benefit but since everyone differ in one way or the other, it not necessarily a compulsory thing to take it since there are other substitute for it.

Life without bees

Insects have some beneficial use to the society at large. Bee for example as we already know produces honey and beeswax. What if I tell you that beeswax is used making candles, it's is also an essential condiment used making cosmetics and also used in producing lubrication oils.

What if these insects were not in existence, obviously we won't be talking about pollination of flowers since they play a key role in transfer of pollen grain from the anther to the stigma of a plant. Though they will not be missed much in this aspect because there are other agents of pollination such as air and water.

The major aspect that humans will feel the effect much is the absence of honey, which have so far proven to be of high benefit to mankind. But that still does not mean we can't have nice natural prepations or artificially ones that we can use as a substitute for honey. For example the coconut nectar, maple syrup, yacon root syrup , date paste, and Stevia products. All this are also good alternatives should honey cease to exist.

Beeswax in the same vein even though are used for some of the reasons as stated earlier above , they also could also be replaced by some this commons ones Soy Wax, parafin wax, olive wax etc. So we don't have to worry much about the availability of these wax.

Additional uses of beeswax is in the production of the lip balm and lip gloss we rub most especially during the harmattan season. It is also used in the production of hand and moisturizing creams. Did you also know that most pomades that make hair shiny contains beeswax?

Well now you know! Take a look at this beautiful beeswax candle produced below. It is beleived to be far better than normal candles and also burn smooth and neatly. It is highly durable and doesn't bend. A nature's gift to man through the insect -bee.

There are some natural remedies that can be made using honey. So far traditionally in Africa, honey mixed with ginger is used in curing sore throat. It also stops stomach ache, tooth ache, muscle pain and stomach ulcers as well. For sore throat, it is usually licked to have maximal effect. Even if you want to loose weight, all you need do it take hot honey mixed with lemon water.
They do have special names such as :

Weight Loss - Hot Honey + Lemon Water
Stomach Aches - Ginger-Infused Honey
Muscle Aches - Electrolyte Energy Juice
Stomach Ulcers - Warm Honey Milk
Acid Reflux - Apple Cider Vinegar Honey
Sinus Congestion- Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic
Tooth Aches - Clove Honey Spot Treatment

Over the years most of all these natural remedies have proven to be efficient to some reasonable extent. Nature has given us a lot of things, all we need do is to key in and harvest the potential benefits

In conclusion, honey is a very powerful potent substance worth taking. All thanks to the bees for making this unique substance available to mankind. The potency is wide ranging from wound healing to even taking care of your digestive system, especially if you have diarrhoea.

Bees are indeed wonderful creatures.

My entry for the bee challenge



How fabulous to get an African perspective, and I particularly like the remedies used with honey! It is amazing how honey is used by all cultures, all over the world.

Yeah, it is...
It is Just one of a kind.
Thanks for reading

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Bees are wonderful insects indeed. Most uninformed people try to scare them away, as they are afraid bees might sting them, but they are only interested in finding pollen. There are always some flying around a rosemary plant on my garden, as the plant has this beautiful lilac-colored flowers.