How to boost your immune system with lemon juice.

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Hello fellow Hivers and Natural Medicine community,

This is my first and i hope not the last post in this community, i recognize the need for natural medicine, in current times its specially important to keep your immune system in top form.

This is my way to do it, i do this course twice per year, in autumn and spring.
This course was passed on to me by my grandmother and was successfully used for decades.

As we approaching winter in northern hemisphere its the time of the year for it. Here is couple of important facts about the lemon juice, i would like to stress out to use only organic none waxed lemons for this, if you can please do not use GMO lemons as they have very little goodies compared to organic ones.


Lemon juice is very rich in Vitamin C, micro-elements and hormones. It detoxify our body from unwanted salts and slime/mucus. Everyone who wants to look young, should drink freshly squeeze lemon juice everyday, 1 lemon is enough. Lemons contain phytoestrogen hormones which are really important specially for elderly women. Amazing chemical compound that is in lemons is perfect for preventing infections, flue and cold.

The whole 10 days course will need 30 lemons and here is how you do it:
Day 1 - 1 lemon - Day 10
Day 2 - 2 lemons - Day 9
Day 3 - 3 lemons - Day 8
Day 4 - 4 lemons - Day 7
Day 5 - 5 lemons - Day 6

From Day 1 till Day 5 we increase everyday lemon usage by 1,
From Day 6 till Day 10 we decrease everyday lemon usage by 1,
After 10 days we used 30 lemons in total(30 lemons is way less expensive that visit to GP and meds they prescribe and the meds do not get to the roots of the illness, just helping with the symptoms, bare that in mind please,).

Lemon juice is prepared in following way:
Wash the lemon first, cut the lemon across and squeeze both half into the cup and drink without adding any sugar.
If you are not able to drink just a pure juice, you can add a bit of water and spoon of pure honey.

Squeezed lemons shouldn't be discarded, in the rest of the lemon and the peel contain valuable phytocides and essential oils which have a beneficial effect on heart, blood vessels and brain function.
Squeezed lemons should be cut into small pieces, put into the jar, add pure honey(the nest option) but adding sugar is ok too and put the jar in the fridge. After 10 hours we have wonderful lemon essence which can be drink instead of tea or coffee by adding cold or hot water.

I hope you enjoy the reading and you learnt some useful information.
Thank you for stopping by....

Take care, peace and love!
In Lak'ech!

Photo used is under free usage licence.


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I see this up and down pyramid way of taking more and more and then less and less in many protocols
seems to be quite liked ^^
do you know why?

my dad loves lemons
we just need to find a way to get some better quality.. the ones we can buy are injected with chemicals..

Yes ive noticed that too but to be honest im not sure why it is like that, the only reason i can think of is maybe not to stress the body so much and jump into high dose and after while drop it to nothing, that would probably bring more problems.... had a look in couple of my books but there is no explanation why etc.....
If you find out why please let me know...
Pece and Love!
In Lak'ech!