You are what you eat. Science proved it!

I raised my eyebrows after watching facts about food. Not because I am quite a foodie, but because of the science behind it. The old saying you are what you eat is true. The connection between our diet and the way we behave is amazing. Do you know that you can have your decision making affected by the things you eat? It blew my mind and I urge you to watch the documentary I just watched. If you have kids...even better. You will realise what you might be doing wrong in their diet if they have the wrong behaviour. People punish the behaviour. Without looking at the cause.


Our brain is the best tool that we have. Without it, we might as well call ourselves animals. The rational mind is a machine. It needs good fuel to make it work. Studies have shown the link between anger issues, criminality and food. The behaviour of the children is being affected from the womb. What mothers are eating is very important. The child can be helped after birth through the right nutrition to recuperate what he/she might have lacked during pregnancy.

Helping people with depression is also linked with a healthy diet. Our brain needs the good proteins. The omega factor. Ingesting sugar is even more addictive than having cocaine. Science has proved it.

Unfortunately you do not see huge advertisements saying "eat this burger and you'll get stupid". Of course not. The slow death of our brain happens day by day, with the wrong diet. People are mocking their greatest tool and destroy it with junk food. It is like throwing the worst kind of gas in the tank of your Porche and expect no consequences.

Our brain is far much better than a Porche. It is priceless. The right brain can get you 1000 Porche's. After this documentary you will be able to tell how a person might act if you know what they are eating. No brainer that aggression levels both in adults and kids are higher. Look at what humanity is eating!

The good part of this is that once we know and get educated, we can change eating habits. Not because it is fancy, but because if we understand how stuff works, we will feel the urge to do it. If we want to make better decisions, to be anxiety free, to tone down aggression, we must watch what we eat. Our brain will take care of us if we take care of him. You are nothing without your brain. Use it and feed it right! Humanity depends on it!

Watch this amazing documentary here

Have a marvelous day and toodle loo!

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This is very interesting to me, will definitely watch the documentary as soon as I find a bit of spare time. Thank you so much for sharing! I have read things about special diets for some mental illnesses that can have quite an impact on the quality of lives, so no doubt there is some correlation.

You will love it, I definetely did, the next day I went and bought avocado and nuts to reinforce my diet hahha😂🥑

Not a foodie? who can talk about food with more enthusiasm than you? But its true, your body is a fine tuned machine and produces only what you put in, I've noticed that fasting has also helped give me better mental and physical performance when I'm feeling sluggish, just to clean out the system and give me a chance to reboot, we put so much junk in our bodies these days and don't think enough of it, because its mouth pleasure now

Fasting is good from time to time. It will take time and will power to change eating habits

I absolutely agree with you. Thanks for sharing with us this important food for thought.
Have a nice day :)

I am glad you enjoyed it😊

Totally agree here. I haven't been the best eater for a huge part of my life. But for the past couple of years, I'm trying to replace bad habits with healthier ones. Some of these replacements could have done sooner, but I always had this idea that these replacements were too expensive for my budget. I've discovered that not everything is more expensive as you consume far less of it. I defo know that sugar can cause anger issues, seen it first hand.

I hope, in a few years from now I can finally say that I'm growing my own food and that I consume even fewer packed items from the supermarket :)

I am happy to hear that more people dream about producing their own food. I have similar ideas. I believe in the power of good nutrition. It is more expensive, long term, to eat bad. I rather have small portions of quality food rather than to fill myself with junk. Our body is our temple.

Sugar is bad, addictive. I have no sugar in my place, I only buy honey and use it as a sweetener.

Food kinda changes your behaviour. I was a vegetarian for about five years and saw the difference. Sometimes I was acting like a vegetable 1😁. Now I'm sometimes acting as a pig. I do believe food affects us but It's not entirely on food and we can't all have the same diets. Now I'm kind of living the concept of a bite from everything.

I was a vegetarian too for almost a year. Now I prefer to eat fish and replace meat with better protein. I think it is good to enjoy life and food, but not at the expense of your brain

Ah, I love that pic of you - super cute. Love your bunches.

I'm in love with ashwanghwa - that's my brain food at the moment!

Thank you! I googled the plant. Looks like an anti stress remedy. I would love to know more? 😊

I'm oatmeal lol. Yeah, Omega Omega.