Why you want to diet? or nutrition 101

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Hello, health enthusiasts! I am Dany and I love writing about nutrition, movement and stress management.


For the last 12 years I educated people on movement and nutrition. I help them create habits and sufficient knowledge about their bodies, so they can be aware of how their movement, food, stress, sleep and joy reflects on them.

My philosophy is "nothing is a taboo". I accept everything from herbs, nature inspired movement and spiritual practice to weightlifting, supplements and ice-cream, if it accomplishes a goal. Still I don't trust anything that is not science based or part of my experience. No magical herbs, scary infographics on sugar, 10-day diets or training plans can take my attention, when no data source is provided.



I have learned to read scientific literature and I trust it. I also can adapt the statistical scientific knowledge to the person I work with. I did draw this pyramid to showcase what I trust and what is closer to bias



I love to share my experience and knowledge.
I love helping and educating.
I may sound boastful, but I find myself expert and had the luck to have a lot of practical experience and help a ton of people.

I am here also to provoke and make you think.
You will hate me if you can't prove a point.
I make fun of people who have found "the truth and only real method" to achieve anything,
I may not fit in your opinion on "natural", I may say that "natural" is just a marketing term to sell bullshit, but at the end of the day I will always strive to help, be proved wrong, or learn something new.
I may be a teacher and a student at the same time.


I was thinking how to start that...

  • Should I talk about calories, micro and macro elements? Why 1,6g/per kg bodyweight may be optimal protein intake.
  • Or talk about natural foods, traditions, Sally Fallon, Artificial sweeteners and how they can be the healthier choice in some specific situations.
  • Or maybe how more than 90% of people having lost weight with rigid dieting take it back in less than 2 years.

Then I remembered what I asked people for the last 5 years, before I accepted to help them.
I will ask the same questions to you and try to make this post interactive. Seriously, answers me in the comments. I am totally willing to help you.


Question 1. What is your Goal!

Can it be health, or weight loss, or being stronger on longevity, or selling some natural product. Just write it

Question 2.
Why do you want that? Take you time and give me an honest and meaningful answer.

I won't give you hive for your engagement, but I will dedicate my time and try to help. Your answers will also give direction to my next nutrition post.

Thank you for your time and follow me for more content on nutrition, natural movements, breathing, fitness and health.

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I like your no-nonsense approach to overall health. I would say you are a "realist."

@NaturalMedicine supports wellness of body, mind, soul and earth on HIVE.
Come say hi via Lotus Chat or drop by our Hive Community - we'd love to have you!

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Май ги делигирах :D

Cool idea maintaining such a blog here. It could gain some traction and awesome future results but I think it's kind of early for finding enough audience and feedback or real engagement. Both in terms of your account and in terms of the general network development. Still, I think you should keep doing it without any specific expectations and wait for things to mature. By that time, you might be the rock dinosaur in the field. But in a good sense.

Yes, I understand. You told me this too :D Still I want to try and see what happens. I also have few options to increase engagement if it don't happen. I can put some competition and prizes. I could attract people to the network. I am sure I can find some of my followers that would follow me here :) I also think that with the summer coming, more and more readers will get interested. But before all I just want to see what happens without additional effort.

I have only my doubts if this is the right community for this type of content... or should at this level try to build my own community. Maybe @naturalmedicine or some of the admins and mods could advice me?

And as for you @manoldonchev , after you engaged, and you also told me you need some nutrition guidance. Lead by example and answer the questions :)

Yeah, like a good donkey, I need guidance with a stick. I have this quest to gradually quite caffeine drinks with lots of sugar...and other high-sugar stuff because I really chomp those thingies a lot. Otherwise I've got pretty good movement routine just doing daily stuff as of late.

Willpower too low to deal with it for the moment. Not enough energy remaining so that my brain can fight a good fight.

But I continue thinking things shall change soon when I am master of my time-scheduling again...soon...a matter of months or decades...who knows...