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RE: How the Precession of the Equinoxes has shifted the zodiac

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Awesome article! I've been really curious about the astronomy behind astrology for a while now. Do you know of any place I can find a real time 3d representation of the solar system? I think that would be really interesting.


Hey there many thanks, I'm glad you found the article valuable. It seems, by the look of the readership and depressingly tragic amount of upvotes it received, that you are one of two people who actually read it. I don't know why I bother sometimes.

As for a 3d model of the solar system, I have seen Youtubers show them on occasion and they look very impressive, though I can't say where. Let's do some research. It will help to get a visual perspective of what is happening in the solar system.

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Yeah this place has been getting quieter by the day it seems like, maybe it will pick back up a bit after the holidays. I guess for the 3D model I just had to use a search engine hah, theres a ton, but heres one I'm looking at now Pretty cool stuff

You could be right - the holiday time is keeping most people preoccupied so there is less curation on Hive.

I'm glad you found a 3D model, well done Bodhi, let me check it out. Apparently in 2024 there will be a rare alignment astronomically, with the four big planets in two sets of pairs situated on one side of the solar system and the earth. Thus they could cause more gravitational pull on us and shake things up more than usual.

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