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RE: Radical Revisioning: Dr. Zach Bush Dropping Profound Knowledge Bombs

in Natural Medicine β€’ last year (edited)

I suddenly understand the word Re-Visioning in a whole new way. 😍

I was BLOWN AWAY by Dr Zach and his incredile re-thinking oh health, natural medicine and the triggers for Covid-19 - I've since shared this video to the people I care about an who may have an interest in engaging with this really important step in the shared narrative.

Appreciated seeing this in my blogfeed today.



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yeah, he's GOOD. It provides some hope hearing/seeing doctors like him speaking up like this.

There's an excellent curated collection of more videos from a collective of doctors speaking to the similar mindset available at that's worth checking out if you liked this one... πŸ™

πŸ™ Thank you. I've seen that site referenced elsewhere and not yet made the time to wade in for a look-see. I especially like the spiritual dimension of Dr Zach's thoughts - made me feel HOPEFUL about humanity for the first time in decades.