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RE: [Spa]Y tu que estas haciendo para promover el cambio hacia la sostenibilidad?

Really appreciate your focus on keeping our focus on long term environment goals, @kyleana - it's needed!!

I'm understanding that you're still pretty new to Hive so I'm just very gently flagging that we DO expect natural medicine content to be at least 50% your own work-thoughts-process. Stringing a pile of links and quotes together isn't quite enough, even when you site the original source. To help you understand what we mean by original content and proof of brain, please have a careful read of this post, Proof of Brain, Proof of Heart.

We really DO want you to Thrive on Hive!! Please don't hesitate to ask for help - @naturalmedicine discord has a special help channel and loads of people to ask and learn from. The discord link again, in case you need it:


Small upvote from me personally for really putting in a lot of effort and TRYING. You can easily edit this post to add some practical personal suggestions. We really DON'T want you to get blacklisted cos you have far too much valuable content to share. Plus we really like your energy here. 😍

Hi there! Of course I know! but this is part of what is coming, if it was complete it would come out very very long! In addition there is analysis on my part, it is certainly not everything because there are things that are already established. It is also a topic that I have not seen around here, and although we are changing, it is not just you or me, or the community, it is something bigger.

@kyleana - each post stands alone for payment of rewards, and yes, 50% of your own content is a minimum expectation from both Natural Medicine and Hive. You might need to rethink your posting idea on this one, cos this post is clearly mostly just cut & pasted millennial goals in 2 languages, borrowed from elsewhere. I can't help you if you get blacklisted and it's hard to come back from that place. If you need help, perhaps reach out to myself,@neyxirncn or @drrune if Spanish is easier.

It IS a good topic and posting idea, just needs your own content in each and every post. Hugs.