We live in a time in which so many things are competing for our attention that often our bodies and our physical health end up last on our priority list. As a culture, we tend to make everything else more important, whether it is our career, our finance, our emotion, our personal relationship. Yet we forget that nothing else matters without health. It is the first thing given to us when we came into this life and the last thing taken from us.

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Banana is one of the best known fruits which is every body's reach at a cheaper price. It is very hygienic, and has a thick covering which provides protection against contamination from bacteria. It varies in sizes and colours ranging from greenish, yellow to reddish colour.

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Banana has great nutritional value to the body. It contains high rate of tissue building elements, protein, vitamins and minerals. It is a good source of calories.
It high content of assailable sugar makes it a good source of quick energy. The banana contains almost a complete balanced diet in combination with milk. It contains a high grade protein, which includes three of the essential amino acids.

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Banana promotes healthy digestion and creates a feeling of youthfulness. It helps in promoting the retention of calcium, nitrogen and phosphorus which works together to building sound and regenerated tissues. Banana also contains sugar (invert), which aids to youthful growth and metabolism. Banana because of its soft texture and baldness is used as a dietary food which kicks against intestinal disorders. It is useful in ulceric cases.
It also helps in reducing the irritation of the ulcer by coating the lining of the stomach when taken.


Banana's are a staple in my home, my eldest would easily eat half a dozen if I let her. Very true that ao many of us do not prioritize our health, I hope many begin to.
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