Introduction to the vegetable group - Family Solanaceae

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▶ From @AgroVision we will begin to share content on the importance of plant species in our eating habits, today we will start with an introduction to the group of vegetables, remember that these plants represent within our daily diet a vital role, at the agricultural level the cultivation of vegetables has a preponderant importance, This is due to the high economic profitability that leaves the sale of these vegetable species per unit of sown area, in addition to its appreciable and healthy nutritional value, if we consider that vegetables are categorized among the main foods of obligatory consumption, this according to the recommendations of experts in nutrition on a global scale.

▶ Credits: JerzyGorecki – [Image of Public Domain]

▶ Credits: Hans – [Image of Public Domain]

▶ Among the vegetables, the species of the Solanaceae family are of great importance due to their nutritional value, with a high vitamin A and C content.

Within the taxon Solanaceae, the species Capsicum annuum is the most important edible vegetable as edible after the potato and as a condiment after the tomato, because it contains appreciable values of vitamins, in addition to organoleptic conditions of pleasant taste.

In relation to the productive yields at crop level, the agronomic labors that are applied to the cultivation of Solanaceae, which go from germination to fructification, are from the economic point of view quite expensive, hence the reason for the prices of this group of vegetables at market level.

▶ Credits: Eugenio Hansen – [Image of Public Domain]

Based on the high production costs of Solanaceae species, in recent years agro-ecological alternatives have been developed on a global scale, with the aim of reducing the high costs of agricultural management, among the techniques that are currently being promoted, hydroponic production has become the most viable alternative in the search to solve these problems of excessive production costs, and at the same time achieve high yields

NOTE: Reference material, "Nutritional quality and health benefits of solanaceous vegetable"

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