Can you feed clones with epsom salt.

Hello Gardeners. I'm going to do some emergency EPSOM SALT spraying and feeding of my new clones. A lot of people think that new clones only need water: But actually there are low nitrogen foods you can feed them to help the roots and leaves. These clones have nutrient deficiencies.

We are going to feed the clones with a low dose of cal/mag via Epsom salt. The epsom salt has great medicinal qualities for the small roots and helps them grow! Let's help these #Steamengine clones which look unhealthy.


YIKES! Those little dots are saying "feed me!" Don't worry little buddy ... I've got my epsom salt sprayer. Let's feed this #Steamengine before it croaks.


I sprayed down the leaves, as well as watering the soil with the epsom Salt water. The plant should green up really soon! Epsom salt is magnesium and is very necessary of many developmental steps of the cannabis plant. Epsom salt is clone friendly! It's great for many soil types!


Make sure to keep the salt dosage low. I used around 1 tablespoon for the whole spray bottle. Make sure to shake well before spraying. Otherwise the salt will clog the sprayer. Spray the clones lightly once or maybe twice. Do not over spray. Remember to also water the soil with the salt water.