Do you think that's a Mouse at the International Space Station?

in dPoll4 months ago

Do you think that was mouse in this footage or something else?

The two NASA's astronauts travelling through FalconX shuttle docked at the International Space Station today 31 May 2020 after a 19Hours plus shuttle from Earth. Seems there's a mouse that could be seen in the video, did it travel with them from Earth or just some mechanical movement of the docking station?


What is the original video this is supposed to be found in? It's not in the video at that timestamp (T + 5 minutes) on the streams I've watched.


This Tweet link will take you to the actual recent video:

Strangely people claimed the streaming where the mouse was moving around is the same as two months back. This is the video of the last mouse caught on the video, I didnt check time Stamp but looks exactly like the docking streaming I saw earlier today.

It doesn't seem to be in the real video. Looks like it's edited footage. Not that hard to do these days.

Very possible, I'm thinking if it has occurred in past videos then it's probably a mechanical moving part of the Space station.

That isn't the same footage as what's shown in the longer video in the video in your post. I did see that and thought "wow, wtf it is a mouse". But then I watched the longer video and realized that you can often see little bits of debris dropping off - which easily could look like a mouse at such a resolution.

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