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RE: Do you like windows 11?

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  • It is so-so.

I mainly use Linux, but I don't find Windows 11 worse or better than Windows 10, but WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) is a very cool thing and got better with Windows 11.


Which Linux is your favourite?

I'm using Manjaro Linux =)

GREAT!!! :)) And what de/wm? I used Manjaro with Cinnamon for about 3 months before switching to Arch/ArchLabs, the late updates on Manjaro were a bit annoying at some point. I'm using now Openbox fulltime, and sometimes other WMs just for fun.

I'm using i3 gaps at the moment. But I want to try herbstluft wm =) Are you happy with Openbox?

If you want tilling, i3 is a good start but if you want more config options many people migrate to awesome/qtile/dwmn/bspwm or even xmonad if you dare tackle haskell, or SWAY is i3 for wayland, but herb* it's gonna be a short experiment unless you become a hardcore fan. I tested many wm's but always came back to Openbox, it's a classic with floating windows, I like to be able to control my windows manually and OB might be the most complete floating wm. After OB if I'm in the mood for some tilling, I use DKwm, this is a gem, not many know about it but it's way better than dwm, bspwm or xmonad...

Wow, thanks so much! Regarding window managers, I still have a lot to learn :-)