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Hi guy's here is my entry to @marc-allaria Seaphotography contest sea and animals.

Here is an photo it took with my YI action camera sticky tapped to a broom stick of a bronze whaler shark on Norfolk Island.

received_1355612704855325 (1).jpg

The fishing boats arrived at the peir and once they started to fillet the fish they through the fish frames into the water the the sharks will appear.


It was so cool to get this close to the sharks. It definitely got the heart pumping haha.



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That is a great milestone 😊

Yes, it is! You're unstoppable @vcclothing 👍

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This was such a crazy experience! Still cant believe how many there and how big some of them were !LOLZ

What do cats cook for dinner when they're in a hurry?
Minute Mice

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Yeah there sure was alot of them and some of these guys were definitely over 3 meters. I'll have the video edited in the next day or so. So stay tun3🤘🦈🦈🦈📹

I would like to thank my fingers.
I can always count on them

@terrybogan, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @vcclothing
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🤙 😜

Impressive photos! Thank you for your participation

Thank you, I'm glad you like it😊

Cool. I used to work at a cannery, and we would have to sort out baby sharks that got sucked up with the rest of the catch. They were usually about 1 or 2 feet long, at the most; nothing this big! What's most interesting is their skin: it's sticky, like used tape almost. Not what you'd expect. Maybe next time reach down and give them a feel, lol.

That is strange their skin fells like that. Haha there is no way I would stick my hand in there to touch one. But they did get super close haha.
I have nearly finished a video edit that I will upload to 3speak this week so stay tuned 😊