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Hi guy's, here is my entry to @marc-allaria SEAPHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST • WEEK 162 Theme -Sea scapes

While exploring the coastline of Norfolk Island we found this view point of the Norfolk Islands islets.


There is a nice lookout built at the edge of the cliff which offers a stunning view of the five islets.


You can hike from this point all the way to the last islet which is called Bird Rock.
So stay tuned for a log about that hike 👍


Beautiful views, the hike to bird rock was abit of a mission thats for sure.

It was amazing, great times indeed😊

Why was the river rich?
Because it had two banks.

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I so love the view. Views like this is enough to wash all my stress away. Lucky of you as you get to see beauties like this. What a real wonder.

Views like this is definitely a good reset for the mind 😊

That's an awesome view and a striking photograph. I look forward to seeing the report of the full hike. Thanks for sharing in the Creative Coin Discord.

Cheers mate, it was a great hike!
Alot more amazing views of the islets. I'll write up a blog this week, so stay tuned 👍

Nice scene. Thank you for your participation

Cheers mate 👍

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Thank you very much 🙌