G'day Hive,Here is my entry to @marc-allaria sea photography contest week 186 with the theme Sea and animals . More info about the contest right here

Now this image sums up Queensland Australia at the beach perfectly haha

A cane toad belly up right next to a blue bottle jelly fish are iconic Queensland pests.

Everyone that lives in Queensland will have a story about being stung by a blue bottle while having a swim at the beach.
It's always an uninvited surprise when you're having a nice relaxing swim then all of a sudden you feel an excruciating stinging pain! As you run out of the water you find a blue bottle with its tenticals wrapped around your legs or waist.

Peeling it off with the quickness as it leaves red marks where it's tenticles grabbed ahold of your flesh. The only relief for a moment is to pour vinegar over the marks. Which eases the pain.

The other is the pesky cane toad.
These guys are everywhere in Queensland and are a huge environmental disaster! These toads were introduced to Australia back in 1935 to keep ontop of the cane beatle. But with no major predator or disease the cane toad eventually bred out of control!
They have a poison sack on thier neck so any predator that tries to eat them dies from the poison. You will find these toads in every back yard in Queensland ☹️

I took this shot at Kings Beach at Caloundra Queensland Australia

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How big do the toads get? It is hard to tell with the camera angle but they look huge!

They are a pretty big toad, the normal size is about 15cm long but some can grow up to 24cm long

The toad looks scary... yaks, I really can´t hold even the smallest frog. Oh it´s difficult if teh population of the toad is out of control...

Yeah these toads sure are a pest! And they are horrible to hold in your hand as they excret poison from the glands on their neck 🤮


On our time scale, we would like to believe that nature has a perfect balance point. But this is not the case. Everything is in permanent imbalance, which leads to a state of uninterrupted natural disaster! Thank you for your participation

Yes they sure are a natural disaster introducing these toads to Australia was one of the worst ideas ever!