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G'day Hive,
Here is my entry to @marc-allaria sea photography contest week 185 with the theme boats. More info about the contest right here

While on a getaway to Norfolk Island, it was very interesting to see how they launch their boats into the sea.
They didn't have a boat ramp that I'm used to seeing, but instead they have this boat winch.

It's a 3 man job to get the boat in the water. One to rig the boat up and help guide it, one in the boat to keep it steady as it lowers and one to drive the car.

So you hook the ropes up to your car which are attached to pulleys. Then you can raise and lower the boat as you move forward or backwards in the car.

It's definitely a unique was of launching your boat into the sea.

Also I will add that Norfolk Island is the best fishing I have ever done!

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I am very scared of the sequence, of boat or anything that involves me being on water. But I'll love to try fishing one day..

It's alot of fun heading out into the ocean I a boat😊 especial deep sea fishing! You should definitely try fishing from the land one day 😊

Thank you for your participation