My entry to SEAPHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST • WEEK 181 • Theme animals


Hi Hive,
Here is my entry to @marc-allaria sea photography contest week 181 with the theme sea and animals.
More info about the contest right here - >

Living in Brisbane Queensland the southern end of the great barrier reef is only a 6 hour drive north.
And is a perfect location to see so much underwater wildlife and beautiful coral.

My favourite is encountering a green sea turtle while snorkelling!
So here is my entry😍🐢❤️

It is so cool to swim along side these creatures as they take a breath of air, then dive down to the bottom of the ocean 😊
It's amazing how chill these guys are! They will let you get extremely close to them or some even swim towards you to get a closer look it's such a surreal experience!


It has been a truly extraordinary experience. Nice photo!

Cheers mate, always a good time hanging out with turtles.

Being a waiter may not be a very glamorous job
But at least it puts food on the table.

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Cheers mate 😊

Perfect shot. Thank you for your participation !

Cheers mate 👍