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"Bangka" is what we usually call a fishing boat back in my village.

Like cars, especially those that run around your neighborhood. We too can differentiate each one, just by its color, the sound of its engine, persons sailing it, serial number, and the time it sails off.

Profits by fishermen in our village vary a lot per season. At best, a relatively average boat that can carry about 3 people can earn about 80$ to 100$ or more per day.

This earning most of the time is divided equally: the owner, the boat (yep the boat has a cut on the profits), and the crew, sometimes less the provisions.

At 100$, each will get 20$, this converted to our local money at a rate of 50php/USD will be worth a thousand Philippine Peso, this is enough to have a decent life back home but unfortunately... earning that much is not an everyday affair.

And most of the time the fishermen comes home with empty nets.


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Nice frame. Thank you for your participation

not to mention if they have bad weather or turned away by Chinese fishing vessels or navy it is a hard life and gasoline is always going up

true, it's a hard life...

hey, mave.. sorry been busy a lot. haven't gone through your post (mostly SL I saw)... didn't see one of your anime reviews.. or I just miss them 🤣.

Very nice shot!

Village life. 🥰

Despite its inconveniences and troubles sometimes, it is the best way to live in my opinion.

thousand Philippine Peso, this is enough to have a decent life

Time to pack my bags! 😁


Really nice photo! The boats over here work the same way, varied pay and some days nothing.


ung friend mong tinulungan ka maging close kau ng crush mo. bangka~

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What types of things do they catch? only fish? or other seafood too hehehe like shrimp! mmmmm

what's the most common type of fish to catch in the area?

Depends on the season, there are seasons where we use nets to catch average size fish like "indian mackerel" but usually when we throw the net our catches are varied and we just segregate them before selling.

Here is what our village.. fish port looks like:





whoooooooooooooooooo tha'ts a huge fish! is that a swordfish???

Yes, that is a swordfish... at work, we catch that using a spoon tied to a strong nylon cord. 😉


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