lizard // Podarcis muralis

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Continuing with the work of investigation and photographic papers of the small natural world and of other spaces, lizard “ Podarcis muralis”, what it is necessary to know about them is that all the species change according to g certain genres of the families Lacertidae and Gekkonidae, which more I like of these papers after 4 hours of patience, to manage to receive the attention of this small reptile, is to know more on them as part of our natural ecosystem, in what I can mention it can reach an average from 8 to 10 years of life and to measure up to 10 cm to 15 cm with his tail.


Some characteristics in that we can distinguishing of a male and a female, can differ because the first ones possess dark spots in the loin and the females are provided with lines crossing the back, since it is the case for this one it is an evidence of the presence of a female, where in the photography it is possible to see clearly partners.


It is said that the lizard, since all the reptiles are of cold blood or also that they are of variable temperature, he wants to say these that the temperature of his body changes when it changes the temperature of the ambience. That's why at night, his temperature descends very much and they need to put oneself to the sun to warm up, once they warmed up, can move him so rapidly that slope to continue them with the sight.
Information consulted in The Lizard and his Tail for Chanti, 2003.



They reproduce by means of eggs, in which it has been demonstrated that they can place four months a year, it will put eggs from two to three times as the species, additional to these partners are insectivorous animals. For nature, they have instinct hunter and for it it feeds of ants, termites, chandeliers, flies, snails, crickets, grasshopper, worms and beetles, for it it supports the balance in the natural ecosystem as control of plagues.

Very curious lake is the mechanism that ample as camouflage, the scales can change color, which expresses the frame of mind of the animal, also they can use the tail when it is scared before a threat or predator, with the end that sele can detach to be used as decoy of distraction.

This work of investigation and papers photographic was realized by the camera of my J4 of models of cellular Samsung, in the way of HD.

[1]-The Lizard and his Tail for Chanti, 2003.