Brown wasp coffee/Vespula

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Continuing with the work of investigation and photographic papers of the small natural world and of other spaces, this work of photographic papers had an hour of duration, to manage to receive this one class of wasp, which they are of big size and his very particular color of brown coffee, the above mentioned investigation was realized in St Kitts of state Táchira, where this variety achieves evidence, the most particular thing is that he likes much the mature banana, for his honey, Brown wasp coffee/Vespula has the individual of being social wasps of wide distribution in the north hemisphere, which is provided with only twenty-four species, also the definition taxonómicamente more exact refers to the insects of the family Vespidae.



The singular thing of these wasp is following the females transformed into a sting, that is to say that the organ which original function was that of putting eggs has been modified in an organ with which they can sting to inject, for whom they did not know how this insect is reproduced the reproduction male happens between a fertile queen and a wasp, in such a way that in some cases the queens can be fertilized by the sperm of several males of a collective way.


For the case of the working wasps, where it is demonstrated that the sterile females, are they can usually live from 14 until 28 days, for the case of the males entrusted to fertilize this if they can go so far as to live 60 days, the wasps you reign manager of the reproduction of his this colony they can go so far as to fulfill 365 days, which is equivalent to one year, that you seem to them.


You are wasp they are predatoras of the dipteral ones and in particular, of the gadflies, the female patrols about the cattle to capture a gadfly, which kills it with his poisonous sting and takes her to his honeycomb where earlier, it has put his huevecillos, the larva of the wasp feeds on the gadflies and on others fly captured. Information consulted in The Gadflies of Guyanas Biologia, Morphology and Importance by IICA-Suriname.

In reference to the diverse species of wasps they fall down in one of two principal categories: the solitary wasps and social wasps, since the solitary adult wasps live and work alone, do his nests in the roofs or in the ground, all the solitary adult wasps are fertile.

Inside his feeding we have that they are predators or parasitoides, mostly of other terrestrial insects; majority of the species of Pompilidae, specialize in the use of the chandeliers as preys, also this makes to be a very singular insect, also he likes the bananas maturely well.


Something on the poison of the wasp is the mastoparan, one of the principal péptidos who shape the poison of the wasps, it has demonstrated to have several applications in medicine, we know already it is being used in the field of the medicine.

This work of investigation and papers photographic was realized by the camera of my J4 of models of cellular Samsung, in the way of HD, for @newton666.


[1]- The Gadflies of Guyanas Biologia, Morphology and Importance by IICA-Suriname.