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Hey Its been a min since we have done a post and, for a first for us we will begin to shed light on our research and development progress we are having with our products. Our 3D printer was our 1st to be completed functioning product that is ready to be shipped for sale. We have been working on our 2nd project which is a scaled down toy version of the eventual #eVtol we are looking to launch. Running into some issues, we are attempting to solve in getting the drone to successfully lift off the ground with our current 3D printing technology.

Our manufacturing is done completely in house other than the sourcing of things like chips, wiring which is not a small problem to solve and was not the challenge we set up to conquer. This set up is very beneficial to run, as we have seen the issues that arise in the supply chain when you have to source parts from all over the world. As more #businesses attempt to eliminate current issues from happening again they will have to bring more 3D manufacturing on board.

As 3D printing will be the the rebirth of the new #US manufacturing industry we are building ourselves up from humble beginning and to a point of businesses making their own products, with out so much reliance on outside suppliers of production goods. Tt is definitely not a journey for the light of heart.

Currently we are having issues with our 3D printing of our propellers and attempting to solve why we are getting the propellers at full power, but no lift this question has us looking into the printing material and attempting to understand if it is the design or materials causing this feature. If it is the material we will have to experiment with different 3D printing #techniques and #builds. To have a easier time understanding this process, we built this nifty rig which might become an accessory product down the line as a drone holder you can check the video out below.

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