Hey Dumb Lazy Human, Would You Like to See a Panorama Photo I Made for You?

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“Are you going to record some video?” said the stranger as I fiddled with my camera.

I looked up and saw that he had an amused look on his face.

“Mostly pictures,” I said, “but yea, I want to grab some video of the drones in flight.”

His smile broadened.

“The show is canceled,” he said, delivering the news with a self-satisfying grin.

“Again?” I said dropping my shoulders.

“Yup. I’m telling people that it's canceled, and they just stand there still waiting. The drones are not coming.” He shook his head.

I could see the large crowd lined up along the railings.

I pulled out my phone.

“You can check it on Google,” said the man with his mischievous smile, correctly inferring my intentions. "Nobody wants to believe me. It's canceled."

“What time did they cancel it?” I asked him.

“Eleven this morning. I didn't find out until I got here.”


Unreal. I had meant to check, just in case, but forgot about it. I couldn't hide my annoyance. I'm passionate, so it can be difficult to keep a stiff upper lip when my plans fall apart.

The man grinned and seemed to be enjoying the range of emotions going through my face as the truth of the matter dawned upon me.



I was looking forward to the darn Christmas drone show, which was supposed to take place Friday and Saturday. The Friday show had been canceled because of communication interference that made it unsafe to fly the machines. Now the Saturday one had also been canceled for the same reason.

On the way back home, the air was cold and crisp. The city is beginning to look more festive, I thought. I took a few shots to test the night sight mode of my Pixel 7 and noticed that they were sharp. I nodded and soon my outlook brightened. The bounce returned to my step now that I looked around at the bright city lights that suddenly were alive and glittering like a frosty cyberpunk dream.



The following day, I was enjoying my morning coffee, when I received a notification from the Google assistant:

Your new panoroma photo is ready…”

...or some such message.

I opened the app and to my surprise there was a panorama of two images I had taken the previous night and which the artificial intelligence (AI) assistant stitched together to make them look like a single panoramic snapshot. I just updated my phone, so I wasn’t familiar with this feature, and it took me by surprise. I know that the assistant can also apply filters to one’s images, but this panoramic creation was something else. For the AI to stitch the images correctly, it had to understand the spatial position of the images in relation to the photographer. It needed to somehow understand that when I took the picture, I was standing in the same spot and simply rotated my body position to face the adjacent direction. It then had to weld the images together in the correct order to recreate a cohesive scene. The image did contain some strange artifacts like the floating half-car in the middle of the intersection, but the result was nevertheless impressive, as you can see in the following image.


Beyond the wonderful technical wizardry behind the photographic AI assistant, there is something much bigger at work here. It is something that when it unfolds down the next five years, it will alter us as a civilization if not a species. These assistive technologies are the very tip of an AI iceberg that is now emerging in multiple sectors at breathtaking speed.

Upon receiving the panorama notification by the assistant, I felt a slight sense of uneasiness. The same uneasiness I felt when the stranger approached me at the drone show. It made me wary because even though he turned out to be extremely helpful, it also meant that the man had been checking me out, my actions, which based on our location, allowed him to deduce that I was there to "record video" of the show, and I seemed unaware of the cancellation. There was intelligent purposeful agency in his actions.

Similarly, when I saw the panorama created by the Google assistant, I realized that this AI, in some rudimentary way, had been checking me out and deducing my intentions based on my overt spatial behavior. If that’s not intelligence, then I don’t know what is.



I did feel dumb and lazy when I realized that I could've done the panorama myself. I already knew that the phone had a panorama mode, but I had not even bothered to test it. It also never occurred to me that I could stand in a street corner and use the panoramic function. I just imagined using it to take panoramic shots of the sea, mountains, or open fields but street corners? Genius! The AI not only taught me a technical skill but also a valuable artistic lesson. Step outside the lines of what is known. How’s that for augmented reality? Putting aside any questions regarding the artistic merits of the created piece, we can clearly see that these tools have the capacity to multiply our intelligence by several magnitudes. Yet…

It was intrusive, and it doesn’t take a techno-prophet to see where this is going. It inferred my likes and motivations in the realm of photography, then by keeping track of my behavior and movement in space, it proceeded to “assist” me in my photographic endeavors. Innocent and helpful enough. What else can it infer from my movements, and the stream of neuro-data it's gathering every second? I can think of many positive things that can be done with these data to augment our intelligence and understand our selves at an accelerated pace. Yet, I still wonder if there will be a point when this technology will become a hindrance or even a threat to our existence? I have a feeling that we'll find out soon enough.

So, given this potential apocalyptic threat to our very existence, will I stop using the Google AI assistant? Hell no. This new toy is a lot of fun, and I'm feeling frisky. 😸


Images by @litguru

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Fabulous post, Lit! I read it to my hubby too 🙂 We both enjoyed it. I loved the comparison you made between your encounter with the man at the canceled drone show and Google's AI assistant. Very clever - and fascinating! I'm not 100% certain where I stand on the whole thing. I think, like you, I am excited for the positives AI can bring to our lives but also wary of how intrusive it could get - and how that may look in a few years' time... will we all be like the frogs placed in the pot of cold water over the stove - oblivious of the real danger until it is too late? Great street photography by the way!!! I am seeing a big marketing campaign by Google Pixel phones - I think we need a full review once you've explored everything that opens and shuts on it hehe !PIZZA !ALIVE !LUV

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Thank you so much @samsmith1971! So happy you enjoyed it and shared it. I am having a lot of fun with this phone (that rhymes!), and I've only begun to explore its possibilities. It has some nifty tricks up its sleeve. For example, the last picture in the set had a little girl and her mom walking down the street. I used the AI assistant to delete their images with basically a single click and nobody has noticed. Astonishing!

Yea, AI is an issue. We should treat it the way we would treat an alien intelligence- with caution. :) Unfortunately for us, given that AIs will be superior in just about every way, then we'll likely have no choice but to change ourselves. I see this as normal and find it a little thrilling to be honest. So, I'm not pessimistic at all. We're in a new frontier and it's going to be a wild ride.

Oh my, this would be a perfect creative nonfiction piece for The Ink Well, @litguru. Did you know we expanded our repertoire? You should check it out.

Yeah, AI hasn't scared me a lot but I can see why it has people freaked out. The fact that we can program computer programs and apps to be smarter than us seems like it's playing with fire a bit, doesn't it? At least Elon Musk thinks so!

So... you're in Vancouver?

AI will take our lunch money before we even know what's happening. It's likely too late to switch tracks, so hold on for the ride! Thanks for the video. Elon is right to be concerned. Humanity's days are numbered. Ironically, Elon himself will take AI to the next level with neuralink. I can't wait to see how it helps people who have suffered brain injuries or enslave the rest of us in a neural matrix.

this would be a perfect creative nonfiction piece for The Ink Well

I'll keep it in mind next time I write similar pieces. Vancouver is beginning to dress in her Christmas best. I thought you knew I was stationed in good ole Vancouver- Canada's den of sin.

This is scary and awesome at the same time. This would’ve been a perfect fit for TIW’s new CNF option. TIW misses you. The video @jayna sent you was posted by me a few days ago.

Yes! And I should have credited you for it, @itsostylish. 😍

It's pretty frightening. I am not an Elon Musk fan, but one cannot deny that he's a very intelligent human.

I’m not a fan, either. I think he’s a spoiled brat. However, he’s totally on the ball on this one🤗💕❤️

It is a powerful technological wave, and it's just beginning.

This would’ve been a perfect fit for TIW’s new CNF option.

I'll be sure to drop by when I write up a suitable piece. All these ideas are swirling in my mind and no time to post them. Maybe I should get an AI to do it for me 😄

I don’t think that an AI could match you.

At night, there are only light from the street and reflections from building light, but it's amazing how clear your results are when you take pictures. Thank you.

Yes, the artificial light does sharpen things up. I enjoy the look. It's almost like a video game. thank you for visiting @hsidik!

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