Canon EOS R5 & R6 – A True Revolution?

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For over a decade, a joke on Canon was going on: “Every 18 months Canon comes out with a new obsolete camera!” It seems that this odd ‘strategy’ has come to an end…

On July 9th, Canon announced two new professional R models. Why are those professional? Because they both have two card slots and savage price tag. And finally the ‘R’ in the name comes to its perceived symbolism – it seems that we can find a reason to say that ‘R’ stands for Revolution. But not for the reasons you would think…

Source: Canon Europe

Overal design is almost decent, aside the fact that Canon still didn’t learn how to properly position on/off switch. Hint: Canon, look over to Fuji, Sony, Nikon, Pentax, Leica… The back is much more alike well known and loved DSLR models, with three wheels and joystick instead of that ridiculous M-Fn Bar. Irene Rudnyk got the pair of cameras to test with RF 50mm 1,2 L USM and that spectacular RF 85mm 1.2 L USM lens… of which you only can dream:

That does not mean there is no more ridiculous design elements. Canon took some effort to bring you absolutely essential ‘Rate’ button in the place of once known and equally ridiculous… essential ‘Print’ button in the upper left corner on the back of the camera… Way to go, Canon! Now nobody can say they were throwing money for this $4000 R5 machine.

Source: Canon Europe

Comparisons are a popular way to distinguish your financial mistakes if you have more than one camera from this table:

Feat.EOS R5EOS R6Sony a7R IVNikon Z7
Sensor45 Mpix FF20.1 Mpix FF61.2 Mpix FF45.4 Mpix FF
MountRFRFSony ENikon Z
AdaptedEFEFSony ANikon F
ISO Ext.50-10240050-81920050-102400ISO 32-102400
Stabil.5-Axis IBIS
(8 Stops)
5-Axis IBIS
(8 Stops)
5-Axis IBIS
(5.5 Stops)
5-Axis IBIS
(5 Stops)
8K videoup to 30pN/aN/aN/a
4K videoup to 120p (10-bit)4K up to 60p4K up to 30p (8-bit)4K up to 30p
AFDual Pixel CMOS
Dual Pixel CMOS
AF points1053,
100% coverage
100% coverage
74% coverage
EVF0.76x 5.76m-dot OLED0.76x 3.69m-dot OLED0.78x 5.76m-dot OLED0.8x 3.68m-dot OLED
LCD3.2" 2.1m-dot Articulating Touchscreen3" 1.62m-dot Articulating Touchscreen3" 1.44m-dot Tilting Touchscreen3.2" 2.1m-dot Tilting Touchscreen
Continuous ShootingElectronic 20 fps,
Mechanical 12 fps
Electronic 20 fps,
Mechanical 16 fps
10 fps9 fps
Multi-ShotNoNoYes, up to 240MPNo
Card1 CFExpress
2 x SD (UHS-II)2 x SD (UHS-II)1 XQD
Battery (LCD/EVF)490/320510/380670/530400 / 330

See full spec for R5 at this link.

Source: Canon Europe

Carefully searching through the long list of specs, we have found one-and-a-half innovations against its rivals: 8K and class leading IBIS. In conjuction with stabilized lenses it has no less than 8 (yes, eight) stops of stabilization, and you can forget gimbals while vlogging with these new Canon machines. On the other hand, RP on gimbal is still almost half the price of R5…

And Sony a7R IV still has the class leading AF, better sensor, multi-shot mode and fantastic battery life.

But let’s not spoil Canon’s party. We said those were (R)evolutionary models. Why? Because at last, Canon decided to ditch DSLR business in favor of mirrorless technology. Those are first models that clearly cut inside the Canon’s DSLR cake and designate the future research&development priority. This is a true revolution. Too bad it came at the very end of the World.

Still, you should stay tuned, because…

another revolution is coming

* * *

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from that table i think you skipped 4k 120fps (think a lot will use that) and also 10bit video.
and also pre production cameras had problem with overheating in 8k after some 8-10 minutes of filming (maybe it will be fixed in production models). but i am not sure who will film 20 minutes continuously on 8k. Files will be massive.

from that table i think you skipped 4k 120fps (think a lot will use that) and also 10bit video.

This is in the table just below 8K, @bil.prag.

You are right about the overheating, several reviewers reported this. You really can’t have big sensor in a small body and escape overheating. But I didn’t put that in the text since this is not a review text, but a presentation one. As usual, they’ll need a few generations to iron all faults. But this is at least a step in the expected direction.

On the other hand, I will not be satisfied until they make a model with a classic controls like Fujifilm is doing in its X series 😃

Thanks for your support.

i was thinking about this

Carefully searching through the long list of specs, we have found one-and-a-half innovations against its rivals: 8K and class leading IBIS.

you can add there 4k 120 and 10bit video

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What is the price of camera.

Price of all cameras are at the bottom of the table, @vinucreationss.

Thanks for your reply