It's Been A Week Since INDEX Launched!

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Funny how time flies when you are having fun :)

It's been a full 7 days now since we launched the INDEX Token and so far...


We'll go over a few of the numbers in this updates and some things we've worked on over the past 7 days as well.


Index Is Doing Index Things

The first week for us was...To make sure everything works! This is new territory for us, but we've been learning how all the math and algorithms work together to create...Index. And so far, it's been amazing!

So much so that...The INDEX is almost on par with the entire market cap of the tokens within in. We're about $100 off because of some open buy orders, but generally, the INDEX is performing exactly how we planned it.

This is awesome!!! And will only grow as more tokens are purchased and new tokens added to the INDEX.

Curation Rewards & Dividends Have Begun


This is so exciting!

As you can see, the rewards account for INDEX has been paying rewards for a few days now but curation rewards have just begun. Expect this to grow each and every day as we fine tune the curation projects we follow and as INDEX grows.

What an awesome thing it is to see these being sent to token holders each and every day!

Expect to see some big increases over the next few weeks on your daily reward payouts. Remember, 80% of all rewards and dividends are going to you, the INDEX token holder!

INDEX Has Been A Top Token On The Market Since Launch

We hit a high of #4 on the markets this past week and have steadily been within the top 5-15 tokens on the market!

HiveEngineSmartContractsontheHiveblockchain 1.png

We're 8th so far today and hope to increase and remaining the top 10 for the months and years to come :)

The Page Has Been Updated

Make sure you bookmark and continue to track all the holdings of INDEX on


We have all the holdings, current price of INDEX, richlist, token description and overview...Plus so much more!

We listened to the feedback from the community and created an in depth resource for everyone to learn all about the INDEX project. We hope you like it :)

Roadmap Moving Forward Over The Next 30 Days

  • Continue to monitor the project to make sure we keep the token on par with the tokens within in. Which means...We want to be an ACCURATE representation of the tokens it holds!

  • Fine tune the curation trails and rewards to give maximum dividends to token holders.

  • Create a section on to list and track the mining tokens the INDEX holds.

  • Review new tokens to slowly be added to INDEX.


Once again thank you for all the support you have shown to this project. Without you, this thing doesn't get off the ground!

We hope to hear from you, not only in the comments below but also in our Discord server. We are always looking for feedback and suggestions on how we can improve this project :)

BUY INDEX on Hive-Engine



I’m a proud owner of some of those tokens. I love getting the dividends… Looking forward to further development

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Honored to have you onboard man!

Thank you so much for your support of this project. Should see a nice little increase in the rewards over the next few days as the curation trails start improving :)

We are on our ways also. Our project just crossed 100,000 tokens. We will do our best to be worthy of your fund.

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Oh we are big fans :)

Looking forward to adding LBI for sure!

Thank you. We appreciate the confidence.

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I am not sure there is a "worth" factor.

It is an index fund so it seeks to represent the totality of what is taking place on H-E.

With that much LEO, I am going to guess the growth is there.

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The goal, index the entire market.

Just wanna make sure we do it right and the script can handle it all. So far, so good!

Great work and thanks for the reminder to go pick up some more tokens. :)

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Great work and thanks for the reminder to go pick up some more tokens. :)

It is three hours since this comment was posted.

Here is a reminder that it is time to buy even more tokens. lol

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I'm going to need to start a calendar with reminders. Got a serious case of FOMO going. ;)

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LOL That's great! We'll have to do a lot of updates then to keep reminding everyone :)

More INDEX for all!

I am very impressed with this concept and project. Index funds are very popular around the world because they offer a fantastic way to invest while reducing risk.

If one wants to "own the market" (or sector) simply by an index fund. It is nice to see that on Hive-Engine.

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Thanks man, appreciate that!

We'll keep building this up :) And be able to give a ton of value to the market and to token holders long term!

Gonna buy some $Index

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Awesome man, can't wait to have you onboard!

I don't have enough to get any yet but i will soon

Awesome, thanks for the update!

onboard Hive

Great , I initially bought 50 then added more then added more , now I have 239 INDEX , if you think I will stop there well you are wrong.

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ha ha ha ha Awesome to hear!

Yeah we're just getting started too lol

Already picked up a bunch of the from market. It indeed is a unique project - first of its type.
A suggestion from my side, LBI token is launched, it will definitely have low volume at start but keeping on to success of SPI and Leo, I believe it would be better to buy LBI with LEO curation at the moment instead of paying dividend. It will help us develop more ROI in longterm. Looking forward to hear from you. :)

Also it would be great to see INDEX capitalize of Splinter lands 3rd Presale.

We cant really get into land sales because it wouldn't represent an index. Unless we focused on PLOT but we think there are a lot more tokens we should add first right now for volume.

As for LBI, we have every intention in the world to add it. But INDEX is a very very very long term project...So everything will get added over time, but we wanna make sure everything is working exactly how we envisioned before adding new things.

Oh don't worry, we'll get LBI added in the future :)

Thanks for explanation.

Awesome, thanks for the update!

with that amount of LEO gathered a sudden pump can make wonders :P

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We've staked it, so we'll be following LEO specific trails to help reward token holders with more dividends.

It'll grow nice and steady :)

If I read this correctly, Index is another new token and offered on Hive engine. Upvoted and tweeted.

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Yup, and so much more :)

Let those rewards flow into my account 😂😂

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It's going to build nicely :)

I have bought some INDEX :D

Awesome! Welcome to the fun!!

This is the first I am hearing about this. It sounds pretty cool. Do you have to stake the token to earn with it or just hold it?

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No sir, just buy and hold :)

Awesome, thank you!

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Do you have to stake the token to earn with it or just hold it?

You send it to me for safe keeping. I will give you negative .2% APY interest, which is better than German bonds.

After a year, you will have the option to have the tokens returned to you at no charge, or renew the agreement for another year.

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Still a great project ! I'll buy more as soon as possible !

Great to hear, thanks so much for the support!

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I don't have a lot of funds in here and that's okay that's how it works but I did buy some of that other day because you mentioned it on a recording thing on Facebook

Slow and steady, we start with 1, and then add another 1....It starts to add up :)

good advice tho I did more then that . much not much more it😀

What do you love about it?

Profit of course 💯🙈

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Love to be part of it and as holder of tokens to get rewards

Love to see it :)


What are some of the main projects you have your eye on right now?
It was probably already mentioned, but I missed it.

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