ILLNESS MUST COME😳 | Find Out Why It Is So

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Oh! Doctor what is wrong with me?
Have I contacted any disease?

When we are sick, this is usually what comes to our mind;

Who gave me this disease?
Where did I contact it from?

But Is It Always True?

Do we only get sick from communicable diseases?


But Why?

This is because there are sicknesses or illnesses that aren't communicable neither via human to human nor zoonotic.

Hence the Prompt,


Before you continue, can you check out this wonderful post by @blackdaisyft to see the statistics of death caused by this set of Diseases here


What Is A Communicable Disease?

These are diseases that can be transmitted from one person to another or from animals to man or from animals to animals

Emphasis here lies on the fact that IT CAN BE TRANSMITTED.


What Are Non-Communicable Diseases: (NCDS).

These are just the opposites of communicable diseases.

They are diseases that cannot be transmitted from anyone or any animal.

That leads us to the question

How Then Does It Arise?

This question can also be rephrased as

What Are The Risk Factors Of Non- Communicable Diseases?

They includes but not limited to;

  • Unhealthy Lifestyles :

Which may be defined as general drop in healthy living, lack of exercise and sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy feeding and drinking bad water.

Just anything you do that is not healthy is included here.

- Ageing :

You should not be surprised at this because even your machines you buy that was developed with top notch science and technological knowledge still breaksdown with time.
That is why we service them from time to time.

Now imagine this;

The machines do not work all the time within the 24hours clock but only works when you need it for a particular task but then,
The body system is constantly doing one work or the other.
It is the true definition of 24/7 round the clock, round the month and round the year.

Why Won't It Breakdown Even When You Properly Care For It?

What makes the difference in how we service our body is that it prolongs when the body will breakdown but it will definitely breakdown.


  • CKI( Chronic Kidney Injury)
  • CLD( Chronic Lung Disease)
  • GERD( Gastric Esophageal Reflux Diseases)
  • Asthma
  • Allergy
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Hypertension
  • Obesity
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Physical injuries
  • Mental health conditions ( Dementia, Alzheimer)
  • Stroke
    And so on.
What Are They?

Let's discuss few of them not all so don't go anywhere and read till the end😅


We all must have heard about this disease in one way or the other but we basically know it is an increase in sugar level of the body but most times we do not know the sugar in question which makes us to always push the blame to the table/industrial sugar we use ( I mean the dangote sugar we use for those in Nigeria).

I am not saying that the sugar above doesn't contribute but it is important to note that:

The Carbohydrate foods, the beverages we take which includes tea, soda drinks (Pepsi, coca Cola e.t.c), Honey and so on all contributes to the risk factors of this diabetes mellitus.



This is a condition where there is excessive sugar in the blood.

Diabetes Mellitus is of two types:

Type 1 DM

This is the Diabetes Mellitus that arises as a result of the inability of the pancreas to produce little or no insulin which is the hormone that helps in regulating excessive blood sugar.

Type 2 DM

This is a condition in which there is sufficient insulin but the insulin is insensitive to the cells.

The cells aren't sensitised by the presence of the insulin.

The insulin is there but it does not know it has work to do as the cells doesn't signal it to work.

Key Symptoms Of Diabetes Mellitus

We call them the 3P's in Diabetes Mellitus;

Polyuria ( excessive urination)
Polyphagia ( excessive hunger)
Polydipsia ( excessive water intake)

Did you know that long standing diabetes mellitus can lead to hypertension?




Physical injuries are those caused by our environment and the way we relate with them.

They are caused by traumatic experiences, weather ( heat or cold) and even radiation exposures.
That is why it is not good to get exposed to rays except when necessary e.g X-rays.

Fractures for instance can come from a mechanical injury and we all know how discomforting and painful a fracture could be.


  • GERD

When we eat food, the food goes through the esophagus down to the stomach.
The stomach is an acidic environment.

When the contents of the stomach tries to come up to the esophagus, this disease occurs.

This is because the Esophageal wall is not acidic and exposing acid to a non acidic environment is dangerous.

We all must have heard a story or two about someone who had an acidic accident and we know how bad it can be.

Most common symptom of this disease is experiencing heartburn more than once in a week.



This is a disease that affects both children and adults.

We often see people who carry inhalers, well, what comes to my mind is that the person is suffering from Asthma or Respiratory related Diseases such as catarrh until proven otherwise.


This is a condition in which a person's airway is blocked by mucus or narrowed which makes breathing difficulty.

Some Common Causes Of This Disease Includes;
  • Airborne allergens, such as dust and wastes.
  • common cold
  • Physical activity.

A clear symptom of this disease is dyspnea (difficulty in breathing)

This disease can be life-threatening in some of the attacks and may lead to death especially when no one is around for assistance.




This is a very popular one we all know especially when you have been with an elderly person ( not trying to say it is a disease of the old).

The heart pumps out blood within a certain pressure into the arterial walls before it gets into circulation just the way our boreholes pump water with a certain force.

What Happens If This Force Is Exceeded?

For our pumps, sometimes it gets broken and we will need the assistance of a plumber to get it back into action.

The same thing happens when the blood is pumped with a pressure greater than what it should ideally be pumped out with.

When this happens, hypertension sets in.

Now medically,


Hypertension is defined as a condition in which the force used in pumping out blood in the arterial wall is too high.

Hypertension sets in when the blood pressure is above 140/90mmhg.

Oh, I remembered I said we won't discuss all so you could be able to finish the ones we discussed🤩

Hope you learnt something New?

This is my entry for the #MED-HIVE prompt here
Also posted here

Stay Safe

Thanks A Lot For Reading



This is super! I was glued to this till the end, not like I didn't know a bit about the non communicable diseases but your presentation made it all new to me again.

No doubt about our lifestyle being a cause of some of the non communicable diseases... I've seen a lot of such cases especially with diabetes and physical injuries.

First time learning about Gerd or is it same thing as Ulcer? 🙈 Don't know, just asking since it has something to do with acid too.

This is a really good use of the prompt Doc. Well done

Am glad I added to what you already knew about NCDS but wait... Now you know more than me😂😂😂.
I always prefer writing on a topic I know so I can be able to relate it with my own words because the medical world can really be strange especially to people not in the field.

Yep, LIFESTYLE is actually the main culprit in most of the NCDS, if we can manage that well, we will live long.

GERD and ulcers have many symptoms in common and Thai is why people confuse them sometimes but there is a difference as regards to the site of effects.

GERD mainly affects the esophagus buy then ulcers affects the stomach and the small intestine

I am not a doctor yet, stop rushing me 😂😂😂
Thanks for the wonderful feedback and support ❤️

Now you know more than me

Ehen na, what's wrong with that? But I know nothing sha 😕😒

but there is a difference as regards to the site of effects

Okay, difference noted... Even diseases are having unidentical twin 😂

I am not a doctor yet, stop rushing me


Microbiologist saying she knows nothing 😂....come and teach me MCB terms abeg

Even diseases are having unidentical twin 😂

Nobody wan take last oh😂

come and teach me MCB terms abeg



First time learning about Gerd or is it same thing as Ulcer?

@sperosamuel15 did well to explain but a bit more, GERD means Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease. It means an abnormal reflux of gastric content into the esophagus. It should have been a problem, but for 3 things at least it is..

What are they?

1, The gastric content is acidic, and 2. The esophagusis not built for that 3. Weakness of the door (sphincter) between the 2 Chambers.

So the wall of the stomach can protect against acid secreted by cells in the stomach too, it is when this protection is compromised that Ulcer" happens. But when this acid content flows back to the esophagus, it causes problems, chest burn, referred to the back and sometime pain on swallowing. Let me stop here. I hope you get it tho

I get it very well, thanks for the further explanation... I've learnt a new NCD, thanks to this community 😊

Thanks a lot for the better clarification on this😊

You re welcome Bro.
It's all for the community purpose to be reached.

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Wow, so much information in one post! Thank goodness it's not all about me. 🤣
Thank you for the brief tour of disease, my friend!

You are welcome
Thanks for your constant visit and support

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I hate to be I'll just because I hate drugs. But is it even possible that one will never fall Ill throughout his or her lifetime? I just wish so but a sad reality that it isn't.

It is not possible at all.
Well, if you hate taking drugs, you can opt in for injection then and try to always love a healthy live to avoid recurrent sickness all the time

I take injections but cannot avoid taking drugs too.

I am drinking water o😂. But I still love to eat junk and I fry a lot. God help me


If that were possible, then we won't be eating too, lol.

It's just body care for me. Everything is for the body. Eat, drugs injection, drop, excercise, sleep. It's all body care.

I agree with this point

Informative post! Thank you for this.
I'm actually curious, when should we go see the medical experts? Or what should be our lifestyle in order to prevent this disease? Will it really prevent even though family history has these diseases?
These are just the questions I have in mind.

It is always good to see the medical experts once in a while even if we aren't sick.. just as a check-up, it really helps.
And it is also good to meet the medical experts when we are sick and to a very great extent avoid self medication.

We just have to try as much as possible to live a healthy lifestyle, that's all.
Engaging in exercise once in a while and the rest as highlighted in the post

Well, if the disease runs in the family line, it is an indication to be extra careful since any slightest insult will trigger the disease for instance, diabetes mellitus.
But the fact that a disease runs in a family isn't a guarantee it must affect someone, it is just a pointer that you can easily fall down to the disease.

I really appreciate your comments and support thanks a lot

Thank you for taking the time to reply all this @sperosamuel15! Really appreciate it.
Just as you said, well, I agree and take note of all of that. :)

This is a beautiful post and I m glad you can pull this stuff out on the space. A lot of enlightenment for everyone.

Be sure to add some Referrences to your post to encourage continuous study.

Thanks for the encouragement and support Sir.

Well, as regards to the references, I will try to do so
I didn't on this one because most of the write-up were in my own words

Well, because we are not the ones who discovered or found out the most of what we write, it is only right that references be added for 3 reasons.

  1. Continuity of research.
  2. Sources
  3. Validity

It is a scientific write up and thus should require one.
You can read the community rules again to be in clear.
We are following the HIVE protocol. Site your Sources.
Please do the needful. Thanks again.

Thanks so much @sperosamuel15 for making such a comprehensive and educative post. This things as simple as you may find it can save many lives when they read it. And you have brought your passion along with it.

Good one. Your post has been supported and will be featured in the summary post.


Thanks to #Med-Hive community

I got more insights to what communicable and non communicable diseases are. In short, we can still try to avoid communicable diseases while the other one is something that will show up when we do not take care of our body and health and also, it's part of the system, especially ageing which is seen in every old people.

Thanks for sharing 😊

You are welcome
Am glad you loved it

Hello @sperosamuel15! So sorry for my delay in checking your post, too much going on 😅

First of all thank you so much for the mention to my post, it really helps! And secondy what a great post from you 😁 A well and understandable summary of some of the most common NCD's 👌👌👌

Thank you so much for sharing and taking the time to contribute with information to the community! 🤗

There are really so much to do and I understand.
Thanks for the kind response also 😊, I really appreciate and will do more.
Your post was awesome and I needed them to read it also 😃

Thank you so much once again 🙏

Looking forward to read more content from you 🤗

I wouldn't say these diseases are new to me but I just admire how simplified you made them so that even one who is not learned would read and understand what they are all about.

One question though. You seem to be writing a lot of medical posts. Are you a medical student?

Yes Ma, I am a medical student.

Thanks for reading is always good to bring it down to the language non-medical students can also understand because medical terms are confusing even to us in the field at times

Little wonder. Well done!

Thanks a lot ☺️

At least I know that no matter how long I work my body, at some point it breaks down on its own.

To not get sick easily, I take necessary precautions like staying in a clean environment, making sure my sheets are cleaned, clean items, etc.

The only time it breaks down is when I neglect any of the above. Or when I have put her through a lot of stress. I often end up sleeping two days straight with no strength to do anything other than eating and just drifting away in slumber.... Lol

That's a really good care you are doing..... Cleanliness can never be overemphasized for anyone that really wants to live long.
Keep doing the good things you are doing.

Sleep is very wonderful for recovery too😃

Thanks for reading through
I appreciate

This is a very detailed and enlightening post on this topic. Thank you 😁
I came in through Dreemport

You are welcome
Thanks for the encouragement and kind reply

Now I know more than you hahahaha well
I am
Just glad I am
Healthy. With covid and ape pox now on the show in the world
I just am grateful to be safe.


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Oh ape pox..
I looked that up and realise its monkey pox .. right?

Well it's sad this things just break out once in a while.

Monkey pox is said to be preventable with small pox vaccine, but it is still fatal.

It is well. While we keep being being well an wealthier.😊

Nothing beats Good health 😊
Thanks for your support and reply

It’s the most important in life

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