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RE: Female anatomy | Part I ✨

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Thank you for sharing this information!


Hi @mrscryptopanda85 it's nice to meet you. Very grateful for your presence and for your reading.

I invite you to this community. Here we promote health, sharing various topics. It is a community for all health and non-health personnel. We always have initiatives in which you can participate and share experiences. If you feel like it, we are here. This March is the month of women's health.

Until another time, happy weekend to you and yours.

Hi! @marilour when I found it via you I joined. I have spent almost 20 years in the medical field. Have a great weekend!

Excellent @mrscryptopanda85 , glad you joined. I look forward to your participation. Have you already joined our discord?
Thank you for your good wishes, so be it.

@marilour I did not know there was a discord - I will look into that. Thank you :)

Say no more here is the link, Discord Channel. There you will be able to interact with other members and find out about our news.