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Greetings MED-Hive community!

Hello beautiful members! We welcome you, once again, to the Med-hive community monthly prompt for Health Promotion and Awareness. As this community's main objective, members now have the opportunity to join and share important knowledge, practical tips and answer questions about the topic of the month.

This prompt is live during the entire month of AUGUST, 2022.

We all want to learn and grow with this community this month, as we write about a chosen area of focus. Please, feel free to do as many posts as you want about the topic throughout the month. It is our aim to open health discussions regarding our topic and the more the merrier!


Medicine has an abundance of things to write about, considering the different points of view from the various health professions out there. Thus, you have the opportunity to glean from them and expand your horizons about our topic for the month, here on the wonderful Hive Blockchain.

Let's get the knowledge flowing, shall we?


The topic of this month is...


Image by padrinan on Pixabay


Yes, we want to hear your Covid-19 story! Aside the fact that it can be archived and kept for years on the blockchain, we also want to read these experience, to bring enlighten one another of healthy practices and prevent the spread of such disease.

We know it might have been a sad experience, or you may have lost someone close, or gotten traumatized, or maybe you don't even believe there was a Covid-19 at all. You probably faced issues or doubts relating to vaccination and lockdown in your country. However it may have been, it sure was not a fun experience for everyone and we want you to share it with us!

Here are some suggestions for the prompt to help you start the creative process:
  • Are you a health worker? You could share your experiences during those times and how you probably got infected over and over again.
  • You worked and managed covid-19 patients? Share your experience, and share important care tips for our non-med hivers.
  • Non-health workers, how did you cope during the lockdown, did you get infected, and how did you cope with the isolation period? Did you have a support circle? How was your mental health throughout?
  • How can we prevent such from happening again?
  • Are you going to keep health precautions, such as disinfecting your hands, even after the pandemic is over?
  • Did any aspect of your health improve over the pandemic? Did you change any health habits for the better?

Important Notes & Rules

Posts are welcome from everyone in and out the community, everyone is welcome to join this prompt. What experiences do you have? What research can you share? Feel free to express yourself about this. Write your post around the focus area in a way that will:

  1. Enlighten the community.

  2. Equip readers to make healthy decisions.

  3. Correct Harmful health practices.

  4. Encourage Healthy Practices.

  5. Create and promote necessary health awareness.

The post should contain an English translation if written in a native language. If any external material or resource is used in the post, it should be well cited and ensure proper images tailored to your post are used and rightly sourced. Please, if you are a med-hiver, place the link for the articles used at the end of your post, in a way it's easily accessible. We encourage the use of the following tags: #med-hive, and #mhive for the posts.

Remember to engage with others' posts and let's make the community lively. Kindly share your post on Twitter with the #med-hive, #mh, #mhive and #posh tag. Make sure your account is registered, giving you the possibility to earn posh tokens and also spread the word of Hive to the community on Twitter.

Let's not forget the most important rule of all:

Plagrism is not tolerated, you are solely responsible to confirm your information and source your references properly.


We heard the community and we feel we needed to reward the time it takes to make such posts, including research, study and even sharing vulnerable experiences regarding sickness. Last month, we had 5 top-class posts shared but sadly, no one followed the requirements for eligibility...

So we urge you to look at what's at stake here!

We really want to reward the community members for their efforts and we are proud to have 4 sponsors backing up the community, @jaydr, @blackdaisyft, @draysax and @starstrings01 with a total of 580HP delegation! YES, 580 HP, you read it right! The prizes will be distributed in the following manner for 1 month duration:

  • 350 HP for the best quality post overall - sponsored by @starstrings01
  • 100HP for the best-med post - sponsored by @jaydr
  • 100HP for the best non-med post - sponsored by @blackdaisyft
  • 30HP for the best comment - sponsored by @draysax


👉 To be eligible for the HP delegations you must: 👈

  • Follow the rules of the community
  • Subscribe to MED-Hive community
  • Join our Discord Channel and register if you are a health professional
  • Place a link to your post(s) in the comment section below (please edit the same comment if you wanna share more than 1 post)
  • Support at least two other posts with an upvote and a meaningful comment.

Also, 50 Ecency Points will be given to everyone who joins in and makes at least one post for the prompt.

We recommend the use of the Ecency frontend to win more points just by doing your everyday hive routine! You can win ecency points by upvoting, commenting and posting on their platform and use those points to boost your posts or others! So, it's really a win-win here!

We will take into account engagement levels, writing quality, level of evidence, readability of the content, relevance for the month's topic, creativity and if you followed all the rules. A post announcing the winner will be made in the first week of September and prizes will be distributed. We will also have honourable mentions in a summary of good-quality posts for database future construction.

How to become a registered member

If you are a health worker - registration is required

Check out HOW TO BE A REGISTERED MEMBER OF THE COMMUNITY. Becoming a registered member is a way to ensure scrutiny of information and credential in order to keep our readers safe from harmful information.

If you are a non-medical hiver

Non-medical hivers are also encouraged to join the Community and Discord, but it's only optional. You won't get a role assigned but you'll join in the fun! We welcome posts meeting the requirements of the community from you too.

Final notes


To help support the community you can reblog, comment, upvote or even delegate to the @med-hive community account. We appreciate all the help we can get in order to reach out to more people that might benefit from our content.

Have fun and learn! We look forward to hearing from you all.


The top link is not working for discord however the bottom one is.

Might want to double check those however I am going and subscribing to your community

Thank you so much for letting us know!

Just to make sure, you are talking about the discord link on the "rewards distribution" section, right?

We will take a look and try to fix it! 🙏

Hi guys... This is 👉 the first part of my entry to the Contest

The second part will be added in due time. Hehe

Edited: Here comes the second part of my entry to the contest.

Thanks guys ✌️

Howdy, just sharing my 2020 readings

( B 1.1.7 )

Excelente iniciativa , y aquí está mi participación, ansioso por conocer las experiencias y vivencias de todos los que se motiven a contarla. Saludos

Wow, posted an entry already! Well done Ricardo 🤗🤗 I've bookmarked it and shall read it soon 👌


Saludos comunidad de @med-hive. Muy buena temática, multirreferencial en el análisis y miradas a un ámbito de 360°C. El contraste y las aproximaciones al elemento de discusión es multiverso. En correlativo, es un contenido de discusión obligado y necesario, en el cual hay muchas aspectos por decir y compartir. Tengo grandes expectativas en la socialización. Emocionada y con ideas revoloteando en mi cabeza, trabajaremos al respecto para organizarlas y presentarlas para su discusión.
Feliz semana, cuídense 👋😀
Por cierto, las recompensas son muy atractivas 😍 y consideradas, gracias a los patrocinadores.

Greetings @med-hive community. Very good thematic, multi-referential in the analysis and looks at a 360°C scope. The contrast and approaches to the element of discussion is multiverse. In correlative, it is a mandatory and necessary discussion content, in which there are many aspects to be said and shared. I have high expectations in socializing. Excited and with ideas fluttering around in my head, we will work on this to organize and present them for discussion.
Happy week, take care👋😀
By the way, the rewards are very attractive 😍 and thoughtful, thanks to the sponsors.
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Excellent topic👏👏👏👏 for discussion and debate, very updated, where the entire #hive medical community has something to say, about their work and experience during this terrible pandemic.
Greetings to all 👋👋👋👋

I m sure it will be a heated topic for all. Lol

We thought that as well! Hope we get some more entries since it's such a hot topic 😊 I'm sure everyone has something to say about this month's topic!

We could really use more help to spread the word out there on Hive blockchain 😁 We can all ask our friends if they would be interested to join! Hehehe

I'm looking forward to read your post about it! 🤗 Have a wonderful week!

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Nice one mates. This is something I would like to get involved with. Let's see how the month unfolds.

Looking forward to all entries

Hi there Kene 🤗 so good to see you here! I'm super excited to read your interest in joining our community prompt 😁😁

Look forward to read all entries as well! It will surely a very hot topic to debate 🙌

Yeah. You all are doing a great job. Hehe. This is amazing. Thanks for the warm welcome ✌️

Greetings med-hive community! I am glad to know that there is a community of the health sector in the hive! My name is Antonio Alirio Hadad, medical student Final year of the career - Universidad de Oriente - Venezuela, soon I will be sharing with you! A hug.!

Thanks so much for reaching us here. We celebrate your arrival to the community. We have an ongoing Monthly prompt which we use to enlighten the entire hive community monthly and also engage in healthy discussion on the blockchain.
We would love to see your post soon and do well to be active on the discord page as well.

Here is my post on the experience I had for the Covid