MED-HIVE JULY PROMPT | Winners announcement, Ecency Point Giveaway & Recap of the best posts

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Hello community members!

It's time to review how MED-HIVE MONTHLY PROMPT went for July, where we will present a recap of the best posts shared and emphasise some of the major healthy tips given. The prompt for July was focused on HEALTH and SLEEP and we encouraged our med-members to share useful tips and information to all that might be struggling with sleep disorders. For our non-med members, we loved to read about their personal health experiences, learn from them about how we can do better and empathise with their struggles.

Additionally, since the introduction of rewards, there will also be important information on that, so make sure to read everything so you don't leave anything important out!

Sit back, relax, and let's give it a look on this month's top posts.


July Top 5 posts

The following presented post has no particular order. These beautiful posts deserve to be read, shared and supported as much as possible. They made it look easy, however, it takes a lot of effort to break out of their busy schedule to do the research needed and turn the techy information into easily readable posts.

We are focusing our community development on getting more entries and posts for the prompts, therefore we call out once again for your participation! We would love to read your thoughts about the topic in discussion, possibly add good healthy tips from your post and reach out to everyone on the Hive blockchain that might need our help.


Here the author tells us how much sleep is important to everyone as well as how it counts for society to sleep well. How important it is to sleep, sharing tips to help many who have sleeping problems to try applying. A well-written post you can learn a lot from and share if possible.

Brilliant post @jaydr! I learned so much about it, I didn't know there were so many different types of insomnia 😫
Highly informative and useful for non-med hivers out there! 🙌🙌
Thank you for all your effort and passion 🤗 - comment by @blackdaisyft

@blackdaisyft - MED-HIVE July Prompt | The role of physical activity on sleep health


Here she made it clear that "Whether we struggle to fall asleep, stay asleep or even have a few hours available to sleep, it deeply influences our mood, productivity and energy levels", reviewing several articles and extracting vital and healthy tips relating to sleep. For us, it was inspiring and we recommend everyone to check it out. She also shared her sleep story, don't miss that.

Excellent post 👏👏👏👏👏
Muy bonito post, excelente forma de organizarlo y muy actualizado, muy original ....saludos de

@jerrytsuseer - This month's prompt "Sleep and Health" my personal journey

This was the first post for the prompt this month and it sure was as rich as it could be. You'll practically flow with the way @jerrytuseer has taken us on his journey battling sleep problems and how it is going. So much to learn as well!

This is not only inspiring but enlightening.
Sleep apnoea is quite underdiagnosed in 3rd world countries, and is usually traced only when cardiovascular complications have set in.
Glad you're able to get treatment. Wish you the best health response! - comment by @draysax

@lindoro - [ES/EN] Trastornos del sueño🥱🥱🥱. Mi caso


Here, the author approached the topic both as a Doctor which he is and as a patient having once suffered from sleep problems as well. He made it clear how he eventually made some drastic decisions and how it turned out well for his health.

This was really beautiful and I m grateful I could read it in English too. So much must have gone into it, thanks for sharing
Isolating the root cause seems to have worked for you well. You were having adjustment insomnia due to a loss of a relationship. So the moment tat was sorted it worked. - comment by @jaydr

Rewards distribution

Regarding the rewards distribution, we are sad to say that there were no eligible entries for the reward pool.

We want to know from your part if there's anything we could do to clarify the rules you need to follow to apply.

To be eligible for the rewards you must:

  • Follow the rules of the community
  • Subscribe to MED-Hive community
  • Join our Discord Channel and register if you are a health professional
  • Place a link to your post(s) in the comment section below (please edit the same comment if you wanna share more than 1 post)
  • Support at least two other posts with an upvote and a meaningful comment.

Nevertheless, this month we had an increase in participation and activity in the community because of your contributions to the monthly prompt, which we are most grateful for! We really want to reward your efforts and we would be most pleased if we can start this reward distribution to our dedicated community members. But we do need your participation and collaboration on this!

Without you, there is no MED-Hive community!

So once again, I urge you to, please, make sure to read all the rules from the next monthly prompt. Reach out to us on our Discord Channel if you have any questions, we would be honoured to assist you.


However, if no one won HP delegation, there is ecency points for those who took their time to participate in the prompt. They ll all get 50 Ecency points each.

We also want to appreciate every who is part of the reward system for the community. Thank you.


Stay tuned for the next month's prompt!

A post explaining the topic of the next month will come out in the next couple of days. We hope to get more participation from our loved members so we keep growing this community into a reference in health and medicine information on the Hive blockchain.

We need you!


How to become a registered member

If you are a health worker

You could have your role assigned if you want. Check out HOW TO BE A REGISTERED MEMBER OF THE COMMUNITY. Becoming a registered member is a way to ensure scrutiny of information and credential to keep our readers safe from harmful information.

If you are a non-medical hiver

Non-medical hivers are also encouraged to join the Community and Discord even though you won't get a role assigned. We welcome posts meeting the requirements of the community from you too.

Final notes


To help support the community you can reblog, comment, upvote or even delegate to the @med-hive, the official community account. Any ideas and support from you are very much welcome.

You can join the Discord Channel and be a part of us.

Till the next post. Have fun and learn!



Hi everyone 😁 I wanted to give a little extra reward to all contributions from last month, therefore I've just send an extra of 50 ecency points to each participant in July prompt 💕 Enjoy!

@lindoro @jerrytsuseer @jaydr

Thank you @blackdaisyft

You're most welcome! 😊

thank you, very kind, together we will continue to implement the blockchain, and the medical community will continue to grow and provide its own quality content, greetings @blackdaisyft

Thanks @blackdaisyft ..

Very thoughtful of you.

You're most welcome 🤗🤗

Thank you for this @draysax and @jaydr and @med-hive
All the encouragement is uplifting.

You are always welcome Sir, your posts are always rich and educative.

Exeletente post, cuando sale el siguiente tema , este mes seguro me lanzo y participo jjj . Saludos

Hi there @ricardoeloy 😊 The next prompt has already come out! You can check it out here 🤗 I look forward to read your contribution! Let me know if you have any questions, just mention me somewhere or reach out on our Discord ^^

Take care!

Hi...nice post. I Will check out The post here ...they seem very interesting.

I tried joing tge discord channel but it didn't work

Hello @ebingo 🤗 First of all I thank you for your interest in our community! We would love to have you on board! I see you're having issues in accessing our discord channel...

Please try this link and if you face issues again just let me know in reply to this comment, and we'll try a different way 🤗