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Greetings, friends of Hive

For March, the Med-Hive community has chosen as a theme Women's health, I invite you to join the participation, here is the link.

In the first installment, we present information about the female internal genitals, their structure, and functioning. If you are interested in reading it, you can access from here.

In this publication, we will learn or refresh our knowledge about the anatomy of the external genitalia, by this I mean how they are structured, what they do, and how they function. Join me on this journey, let's do it together.

Female external genitalia

The vulva

It is a collective term used to include all the structures that are part of the external female genitalia. The structures that make up the vulva are: mons pubis, labia majora, labia minora, clitoral hood, clitoris, vulva vestibule and hymen.

External anatomy.
Credit: Sciencia58 CC0 1.0 license Universal Public Domain.Edited in canva

The function of these organs is to protect the internal organs from infections and to favor the entrance of spermatozoa into the vagina.

Mons pubis

It is a rounded pad of fatty tissue, which sits on the pubic bone. It is prominent and usually from puberty onwards it is covered with triangular shaped hair (pubic hair). Its purpose is protection during sexual intercourse. It is worth mentioning that this area has sebaceous glands that release pheromones to induce sexual attraction.

Labia majora

They are a pair of skin folds, named because they are the largest labia. They cover and protect the labia minora, the clitoris, the vestibule of the vulva, and the urethral and vaginal opening. During sexual arousal (desire, enthusiasm) they fill with blood and increase in size.

External anatomy.
Credit: Sciencia58 CC0 1.0 license Universal Public Domain.Edited in canva

Labia minora

They are the smallest labia, also a pair of folds of skin, parallel to the labia majora and surround the entrance of the vagina. In the same way as the labia majora, when sexual arousal occurs, they fill with blood and increase in size.

Clitoral hood

It is a small tissue that protects the external part of the clitoris and is highly sensitive. It is located on the upper part of the clitoris.

External anatomy.
Credit: Sciencia58 CC0 1.0 license Universal Public Domain.Edited in canva


It is a protuberance of spongy tissue, formed by thousands of nerve endings and many blood vessels (it is the homologous to the glans penis in men). It is a sexual and sensory organ, responds to sexual stimulation, with arousal (desire, enthusiasm) increases its size and is responsible as the main organ of female orgasms (point of greatest satisfaction).

Vulva vestibule

It is an area where the opening of the urethra and the entrance to the vagina are located. It has a smooth surface. Here there are glands that produce fluid to keep the area moist and lubricated. During sexual arousal they increase the production of fluid to further promote lubrication.


It is a thin, fragile membrane that covers part of the vaginal orifice. Although its rupture is associated with the first intercourse, ruptures associated with physical activities have been described. Also, there will not always be bleeding and pain after rupture.

There are different shapes and sizes, such as the extreme imperforate hymen (covering the entire vagina), which causes obstruction and requires a surgical procedure for its correction. Hymen agenesis (absence of hymen from birth).

Some considerations

  • Ladies, to take care of your body and be healthy, you have to discover it, understand it, know your organs, what you live and experience with them. By understanding how they work, you will perceive in time, even if you do not know the real cause, that something is happening that is not "normal" or that things are not going well. Alarm bells will ring and you will immediately seek specialized help, from your trusted doctor or a health center..

  • Be consistent in your visits to your health specialist, do not neglect.

  • Gentlemen should know the female body, its structures and functions, especially those associated with the gynecological area. It is the integral conception of health. By taking care of your ladie, your partner, your wife; you are also taking care of yourself. In the same way, ladies should familiarize themselves with the male genital organs. Thus, the care will be integral and reciprocal, generating positive expectations for both for a full physical, mental and sexual life.

  • The vast majority or perhaps the most frequent diseases of the gynecological sphere should be managed and treated as a couple to solve and restore the health of both men and women.

  • I always insist on self-care, but today let us broaden the horizon in our vision of health, let us look at the field of collective health, self-care is also exercised when I take care of my partner, my children, my family and my community. Because these are attitudes and/or habits that contribute to preserve our health.

Credit: Ben White Public domain

Thus we conclude this second installment of the female anatomy. Next time our topic will be the breasts or mammary glands.

Thank you for your visit.

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I am Venezuelan. PhD. Physician Parasitologist-Protozoologist. Trained in Collective Health, Fundamental Medical Sciences, Philosophy of Science and Educational Management.

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Very grateful for the support @almajandra, thank you @ecency team, I appreciate it.

It's a quick recap of female's outer reproductive organ. I read long time ago and forgot many terms.🤣🤣 Thanks for reminding. Bye the way marilour, I am a male but have interest in it also..

Greetings @th4488 it's a pleasure to have you join the discussion. Wonderful that it is instructive and guiding post. Gratifying to have achieved the purpose. The information is for everyone, men and women, it should be so, it is the look of integral health.
Happy week.

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Its purpose is protection during sexual intercourse.

Never knew this function of Mons pubis although I am still wondering it performs that function 🤔

Also, there will not always be bleeding and pain after rupture.

Never knew this also.
Was thinking it's a generalisation for all ladies..

It's a funny question but I wanted to know;
For imperforate hymen, is there need to engage In the surgery if the lady in question doesn't want to have sex all through her life?

As always, you did a great job with you explaining it in simple terms that non medical personnels could understand.
And thanks a lot for those new exposures I pointed out ..... I never knew them for real

Greetings @sperosamuel15, thank you very much for your appreciations to my publication, I appreciate it. It is for me very valuable and if I lose my way also express it to me, it is important to keep it in mind.

I am going to refer you some considerations to contribute to the discussion:
In our body nothing is superfluous, everything has a purpose and is present to fulfill a function.

Its purpose is protection during sexual intercourse.

  • This function is achieved through pubic hair and the characteristic increase of adipose tissue in the area, both elements contribute to a considerable reduction of friction, acting as shock absorbers, avoiding irritation due to friction during sexual activity. There are cultures in which both men and women depilate in that area, so they will be more subject to irritation. The question arises: to wax or not to wax? As a physician, it is my duty to contribute to education. But it is a strictly personal decision.

Also, there will not always be bleeding and pain after rupture.

  • It is true, because it will depend on the type and particular characteristics of the hymen. There are different variants, I will tell you about one called "compliant hymen" of great legal medical interest, it is a type of hymen whose tissue, unlike the others, is more elastic, so it does not break during the first intimate contact, and can remain intact despite several sexual encounters.
  • As for the imperforate hymen (congenital malformation, from birth), if the condition is complete, it will be a disadvantage for that girl because it will generate total vaginal obstruction. Complications almost always occur at the time of menarche (first menstruation), where there will be no outflow of fluid, which will generate complications.

I hope I have contributed to dispel doubts. Thanks for the interaction.
Happy week.

Ouch.. my bad
I forgot entirely that the vagina needs to be open for menstruation atleast else it might cause Haematocolpus and other malignancies.

Thanks a lot for the way you took your time to answer my doubts... Not doubts anyway cos I never doubted you.

I appreciate

Yes, it is @sperosamuel15. At least a minimum opening is required for the liquid outlet.
There is no confusion with the word "doubts", I associate it more to the understanding of my writing. Because sometimes we unintentionally write for ourselves and not for those who read them.
Always to serve. Grateful to you, for these meetings of socialization that are of great importance.

The pleasure is mine

thankyou for giving information about it. However these function of a women I don't know that before. thankyou

Hello @sanach it is a pleasure to meet you, thank you for reading my publication and generate a contribution through your comment. See you another time.
Happy week.

It might be surprising that a lot of women did not know these things that you have shared for us here. That is the height of health ignorance that we have and you have taken good effort to help elucidate peace in your post.

A lot of women call all of that part of their body different informal names even in the presence of the doctors.

And just like you have done, doctors have had to teach them to call the right names in a formal setting.


Hi @med-hive, thank you for your comment, I sincerely appreciate it.

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