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Hello Med hive community
This week's theme has been noted to go along with the WHO monthly Hypertension awareness and I would like to dwell a bit more on that however before diving in, I'll share a bit about Non Communicable diseases and then focus on Hypertension, sharing a few healthy tips as all I can share within a post. I also want this post to be helpful enough and as practical as possible.

I know there are a lot of journals and articles out there outlining what to do and what not to do, the list could go on and one may feel having any of these NCDs could result in life imprisonment.

However as may be the case, We hope to share love and light with anyone having any of these diseases and to make it more fun reading through the post.

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Non-communicable diseases are a class of diseases that are not transmissible from one human being to another. They may include common examples like cancer, diabetes, hypertension, stroke osteoarthritis, Alzheimer's, cataract and many more. There can not be transferred to another person unlike highly transmissible diseases like the COVID-19.

This disease has come to the number 1 leading cause of death, at about 70% as of 2012, 77% in 2021 and is common among the elderly and women.

Most of them are triggered by risk factors and some may be genetic.

A few of these risk factors include age, gender smoking, diet (poor), physical inactivity and even environmental pollution.

A few of these factors are known to be modifiable and play an important role in the prevention, control and treatment.

Fighting the rise of these diseases in our generation will involve a lot of holistic approaches and governmental and other stakeholders get involved. It is such that will includes reformations in most sectors education, transport, health promotion, finance and even agriculture.

It is sad that many of us have lost loved ones to this terrible set of diseases.

I hope to offer some healthy tips to prevent and control one of them, Hypertension.

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Hypertension is a disease of the heart and blood vessels where the heart is practically working hard to overcome the resistance formed over time in the blood vessels. This resistance may be caused either by chemical stimulation of the Kidneys or vasomotor stimulant, they may also be caused by deposition of fat patches along the path of the vessels as well as thickening of the walls of the vessel, hence narrowing the path of flow of blood which then raises the blood pressure to overcome the resistance to supply blood to the other parts of the heart.

In the bid to send the blood out the heart may overdo itself also and get thicker like a muscle builder hence also reducing the capacity of blood that can get into it's chambers and resulting in failure of the heart to supply sufficient enough blood to the body, this raised pressure may also be felt at the end organs such as the eye, brain, kidneys and may result in dangerous outcomes beyond the scope of this post. The blood supply to the heart is also not left out of this harm, as the heart has vessels also supply it, they are also subject to all those vascular changes noted above and they could also be compressed by thick heart muscles, causing only intermittent blood flow to them when the muscle is relaxed.

All of this explains most of the various complications of hypertension and I do not want to dive in too much as the aim of our post is to create awareness, not bomb with scary things.

Well, it's nothing scary, our body works for the good of itself. This is how to see it.


Prevention they say is better than cure. It is easier to prevent all the NCDs than to cure them. This is why dwelling more on this may help us all.

Hypertension is not just the disease of the old, it affects young ones too, you may be young and think this doesn't concern you, but please it does.

Prevention of Hypertension starts from a younger age, it is as simple as earmarking the risk factors and doing things that improve health and wellbeing.

We'll start with diet

Having a healthy diet regimen is big deal in the prevention of Hypertension. Reducing your level of salt intake and having many fruits and vegetables. The ratio of the food should be fewer carbohydrates and more vegetables and fruits with low-fat meat.

Try to lose some weight if you can

Let me put it this way, being overweight increases the work your heart has to do in pushing blood throughout the body. Hence the cycle of hypertension continues. If you can lose some weight, do it. It will improve your BP drastically if you're currently overweight.

Less Alcohol

I m not here preaching no alcohol to you guys, I m saying reduce risk intake.

All I'm saying is that you will need to turn down the level of alcohol that you take.

Men and women have been advised to take less than 14 units per week and not be regular with it as they can spread it over 3 interval days if they must take up to 14.

Get Walking Get active

Most of the lifestyle changes that were the outcome of hypertensive are the sedentary lifestyle change. If you can get to work and be active around your compound Neverland estate move around the street. Good enough they are platforms and programs that have been created to encourage moving around such as @actifit and the stepN platform which encourages everyone to move around and exercise and get rewarded for it.

Cut down on smoking or just stop

Its a high risk for the cardiac diseases in people who smoke regularly. It is also known as worsen hypertension partly by predisposing to lung diseases which then backfires to the heart eventually.
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One very important aspect that I would also love to add to this post is the part of compliance with medication if you have been diagnosed to have hypertension and you have not yet been compliant with medications. I would like to encourage you to take your drugs as instructed by your doctor and I would also love to tell you that you taking your drugs is just as similar to you having your bath in the morning, it is you taking care of your body, your heart, your lungs, even your kidneys they're all part of you. Your heart and your blood vessels only you can't apply makeup to the heart if I can you could wear a necklace to it. You definitely can be compliant with your medication. It help prevent worse complications and controls the Blood pressure.

When last did you check your blood pressure?

Take it as a regular task you have to accomplish everyday if you diagnose hypertension and list every week if you are young and free.

It is not to say that you're going to have, it just you looking into the mirror and seeing how beautiful you are doing.

It is caring for your body which is your responsibility.

In conclusion

There are a lot of non-communicable diseases out there and hypertension happens to be one very common one that can actually be controlled and managed to prolong life. However it appears that many are just ignorant of their health and rather continue to practice some dangerous habits.

I believe this post brings much awareness about the disease and also keeps us all healthy.

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Thanks so much for reading this post.

This is a submission to the @med-hive prompt for health awareness and promotion week 2. This post only contains health promotion and awareness tips and advice and has no intention of managing or treating any disease. You are advised to see your doctor in your locality who will carry out proper history taking physical examination and investigations if necessary before commencing any necessary medications for you. Thank you


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Your article made me be concern with my health.
High blood pressure runs in my family. I have a normal blood pressure, but within the upper range, the last time I had it check. But I don't want it to became serious in the future. I've been also sitting almost all of the time.
Maybe it's time to take a walk/jog or visit the gym/exercise from time to time. :)

Btw, this is an incredible article. Thank you for sharing it to the community.


You re welcome.
I m really glad this post got to you in health and making you take up healthy choices.
If you keep to these, and have a regular BP check.

Do see your Doctor to know what sort of physical activity you can be involved with. You can also check out @blackdaisyft post on the Community she talked more about physical activity.


I will sure to check her post. :)

Oh wow! I'm so glad to see what you all are doing here! Lovely community you've all got running and also, could you just enumerate the symptoms of low blood pressure? I'm asking for a friend because I'm not sure.

Well Low blood pressure will be after a measure has been made. Below 80/60mmhg

It could be without symptoms, some people may just be fine with it. So if your friend is good. That's okay.

The symptoms may vary based on the cause. Just like hypertension. We don't really wait for symptoms before starting interventions.

When symptoms are seen, that's danger already. Infact, They may just have passed on before realising. That's why it is best to be aware of your BP. Don't wait for symptoms.

This may help you find your answers.
Thanks for the comment on the Community.

It's a lot of work but we are glad to be making an impact.

I have always had low blood pressure,
Whenever I checked my blood pressure it was something like 90/60 😂
But I liked your article and it can be helpful for many. 👌

Haha.. I usually associate this range of bp to very gentle and calm minded people. Plus the music😅😅.

It is good to be aware of it. It is one of the most important indicators of our health.

Thanks so much for the comment @mipiano Ma.

Oh, gentle and calm minded people associated with music heehehe. I have to become rude and pay less attention to music :D

You are welcome @jaydr
Glad to see your community with the weekly prompts 👍

It's a lot of work on my side really but worth doing. Hehe.
Thanks for the encouragement.
I just believe good and right health information can save a lot of people. And I m hopeful it will on hive.

You are doing very well, keep up with the work and community.
You know, I will be checking sometimes the feed of Med-hive 😎

Oh, and I have a question. Who can post in the community? Just doctors or?
If someone has a lot of info and personal experience in a health condition, can that person post it here?

Who can post in the community? Just doctors or?
If someone has a lot of info and personal experience in a health condition, can that person post it here?


Posts can come inform of experiences, questions, inquiry, enlightenment and fun.

Anything medical really.
It is open to everyone.

Even the prompts are open to everyone Ma. Creativity and information is what really matters.

Thanks so much.

Great. :))

Thanks for the information, I will let you know if I have more questions or need some guidelines!


I ll be glad to have you any time.

I can't wait to see your post.🤩🤩

I have to become rude and pay less attention to music :D

Hahaha.. no you can't.. haahaha

You think, I can't ? :)))


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Great post @jaydr! Very well explained, all the factor surrounding Hypertension 👌👌🙏 I will try to find a study were we can see the effect of physical activity in reducing blood pressure as well and I've seen people curing hypertension (no need of medication) just by improving their lifestyles which is amazing!

However, as you so well said the best way is prevention which is a lot easier than trying to cure it!

I didn't know about @actifit! It sounds amazing! I'll have to check that out 😉

Thank you so much for sharing and contributing with your knowledge 🙏

Yeah true.

The non pharmaceutical approach to managing work well too. It is best used first before drugs.

@actifit is a hive based activity counter app with rewards.

You can also make posts through it and earn hive rewards too.

There is a Community you should check it out.

I already installed the app on my phone! But I'm defenitely going to dive in a bit more on the community. Looks super cool and with rewards to boost 👌👌👌

What a great idea! Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention 🙏

I made 1000s of dollars since last 4 years using Actifit!

WOOOOW!!! Really?? That is amazing!!

I'm still figuring out the app... I'm quite active at work but I can't have my phone around with me so I can't record most of the activity I do during the day... Is there another way to keep track on the app?

Here is the introductory video that i made. You can use Fitbit with Android and you can use 100s of devices that can sync with Apple health application.

Thank you so much! That is most helpful 🙏 I'll download fitbit and try to sync it to my whatch 😉