The role of diet in cancer prevention (Another reason to eat healthily) / CANCER AWARENESS #1

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In many countries, morbidity and mortality rates due to cancer have gained ground over cardiovascular diseases, which used to lead the statistics (1). It has led all health personnel and international organizations to seek strategies and join forces to halt this disproportionate advance.

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Although a definitive cure for cancer has not yet been found, many achievements have been made in early diagnosis and the establishment of more specific pharmacological treatments according to the type of cancer. Strategies have also been developed to effectively support patients and caregivers to ensure a better quality of life through psycho-oncology and palliative care.

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Many research studies over the decades have made it possible to identify, with a solid scientific basis, the multiple risk factors that influence the probability of developing cancer. Here is where prevention plays a fundamental role.

The WHO has classified the risk factors for cancer into four groups (1):

  • Behavioral (smoking habits, alcohol intake, obesity).
  • Infectious (HPV, Hepatitis B, and C, H. pylori)
  • Environmental (Occupational exposures, air pollution, ultraviolet radiation, radon, and other radiation, aflatoxins)
  • Additional factors (Hereditary risk factors)

If we look carefully, we can do prevention to attack the four major groups of risk factors, including the one related to hereditary factors. Such is the case of immunological tests to identify Lynch Syndrome in patients and plan their approach and family group (2).

The World Cancer Research Fund International has identified some common dietary practices that increase the risk of developing some types of cancer.


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As a health professional, I believe the best response to disease is "prevention" for this reason, many health professionals have dedicated their efforts to guiding the population to adopt healthy habits for maintaining their health.

From the nutritional point of view, much can be done since good eating habits play a determining role in the prevention of many diseases.

Although there are some diseases whose etiology does not depend directly on nutrition, healthy eating habits can make a difference in their evolution and have an impact on the patient's quality of life, as in the case of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, degenerative diseases, digestive system diseases, endocrine system diseases, autism spectrum disorders, and cancer, to mention a few.

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When is it appropriate to give warnings to adopt a healthy diet?

Identifying a couple of risky eating habits together with family and personal history in a person indicates that it is the right time to make the warning and design strategies to educate and support the change toward a balanced, varied, and complete diet. Sometimes this is a slow process that needs a lot of patience on the part of the nutrition professional, the support of the family environment, and even considering psychological support. In some cases, success depends on a multidisciplinary approach.



There are aspects to consider when developing strategies to adopt a healthy diet. We must take that eating is affected by the time available to prepare food, habits, cost, and availability. These variables are what shape individual eating habits.

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There are many types of cancer related to poor dietary practices such as those affecting the digestive system (colorectal, gastric, hepatic, esophageal, biliary tract, pancreatic) and other tissues (prostate, kidney, endometrial, and lung). For this reason, there are some recommendations to minimize risk factors through nutrition. Below I share some of them:

  • Moderate the consumption of beef, lamb, veal, and pork (maximum 3 times per week). You can replace them with poultry, fish, and eggs.

  • Minimize your diet sausages such as sausages, cured hams, and bacon.

  • Avoid consumption of processed meats (salted, cured, fermented, or smoked), alcoholic beverages, sugar, industrialized sugary drinks, animal fats, desserts, fried snacks, and fast foods.

  • Control your salt intake. The amount recommended by the WHO to avoid the risk of hypertension is 2 grams per day maximum for adults (19 to 50 years old) which is equivalent to 1/2 teaspoon at meals for the whole day.

  • Consume only the calories according to your needs, age, physiological state (pregnancy, breastfeeding), and physical activity.

  • Keep your body weight in healthy ranges (BMI between 18.5 kg/m2 to 24.9 kg/m2). It is important to quantify your lean mass and fat mass.

  • Stay hydrated throughout the day by drinking water or fruit juices.

  • Choose healthier cooking methods to prepare your food such as steaming, grilling, poaching, sautéing, and baking. Avoid frying or barbecuing your food.

  • Eat foods rich in soluble and insoluble fiber such as whole grain foods, unprocessed cereals, and legumes. Try to eat 5 servings a day of fresh fruits and vegetables (about 5 cups).

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The best form of support before a potential risk of developing cancer is to recognize the factors that can trigger it and prevent them. Opt for healthy habits such as restful sleep, physical activity, hobbies, and a balanced diet. A diet composed of whole foods, unprocessed white meats, legumes, fruits, vegetables, fats of vegetable origin (seeds, nuts, vegetable oils), and water, will be the most effective strategy to stay healthy.



In case of any doubt, it is advisable to consult a health professional for more detailed information and, if necessary, to establish the most suitable treatment for you.

Thanks for reading. See you in next post!

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(1) WHO report on cancer: setting priorities, investing wisely and providing care for all

(2) Síndrome de Lynch

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Excellent contribution. You make a clear exposition of the subject and provide recommendations that we all know but few of us practice.

I was delighted that you mentioned the healthiest ways of preparing food. Some time ago an air fryer came into my house and we have noticed not only weight loss by consuming less fat, but also better digestion.

The more barriers we put up to cancer to wake it up, the better.

Some time ago an air fryer came into my house and we have noticed not only weight loss by consuming less fat, but also better digestion.

This is wonderful! Sometimes we crave crunchy textures in our food and these appliances are an alternative to fatty frying. This is a double benefit in addition to less fat intake, we avoid exposure to acrolein, a compound that is harmful to the stomach lining. This substance is the responsible of many gastritis.

It is important what you mention that the recommendations described here are recommendations that we all know. However, it is necessary to explain "the why" in order to be able to make conscious decisions about our health.

Thank you very much for stopping by!

Good Diet surely place a golden role in disease prevention and especially Cancers. Thanks for this well articulated post.

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Thank you very much, it is a pleasure to participate in the community.

Thank you so much for this beautiful post and it covers such a wide scope of preventions and support via diets and more helpful health practices.

Like you said here

Sometimes this is a slow process that needs a lot of patience on the part of the nutrition professional, the support of the family environment, and even considering psychological support.

I agree that a lot of patience is required and much more can be done with multidisciplinary approach too.

Society needs to have more awareness about these and showcase it rather fear and stigma.

Thank you

Diet is a modifiable factor that depends on small actions to see great results in favor of our health.

It is important to raise awareness because we are all exposed to risk factors for cancer. However, people with a family history of any type of cancer should be more careful with their habits. I said "careful" and not "fearful". As long as we act under the knowledge of solid scientific and medical information we can make the best decisions and choices to stay healthy or at least provide ourselves with a better quality of life.

Thank you very much for your kind words, I appreciate it. It is a pleasure to share in this community.

I said "careful" and not "fearful".

Yes quite true and very accurate.
Most patients die to depression than the disease itself.
Thanks once again, its a pleasure to have you share this.

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