Is technology good for kids?

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Hello Hivers 👋, Namaste again from India🙏🏼

A family went to a restaurant for dinner. They were having a good time, music was playing, weather was good and the restaurant was crowded with a lot beautiful people's.

The family took their time and ordered the food. Their food arrived and their good night turned into bad. There kid started shouting and crying for the phone. Her mother gave her phone to the kid but it had less battery and about to die. They also realised that the father has forgotten his mobile at home. They tried explaining the kid that they don't have the mobile, let's eat without watching cartoons today, they were trying to show her street dogs and other things to distract kids mind. Kid started crying so loudly in the restaurant that everybody was looking at the family now. The kid did not let her parents eat too. A family came for nice time eventually turned bad time for them.
The owner arrived and tried to help the family. Mother explained to the owner that she has a 2.5 year old baby girl. She doesn't eat without watching cartoons in mobile, she need mobile phone atleast 2 hours in a day while having her meals. Owner arranged and provided them a phone. After that the baby started having her meals and left the restaurant.



But the question arises:
Is technology good for children? How is this effecting a child and a whole family.

During lockdown (of which we all are aware of) almost everything went online. In this process education went too. Classes, homework and kids assessment everything was online. This in turned made smartphone a part of children daily routine. Now a days, even after lockdown the kids of almost all age groups are more focused on mobile phones and other technical stuff which is good somehow and also bad for some or the other reasons.

Watching videos online, parents also want there kid to act cool and smart which is at some extent is okay but eventually it grows to become bad. Kids are now starting knowing things much more earlier as compared to there age. Minding this cell phone companies have started providing kid modes in there smartphone.


So what do you think of all this. Are we as a parent or as an elder paying enough attention to our little loved ones. Are we spoiling them or making them upto date with the rest of the world. Are our actions not affecting our young generation.

Making you guys to think upon this I am ending this here but surely looking for your valuable response and view on this.

Stay safe and healthy kids🥰
Happy reading Hivers!


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