Stock images : Sekoci ( Yarn gathering place)

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Hi all. Good morning all #Stockimage lovers, may you always be given health and success.

on this occasion I will share some photos of one of the #tools found on the #sewingmachine, namely the #lifeboat. The lifeboat is one of the small components found in the sewing machine which functions as a place for the thread to coil which is located under the sewing machine needle.

I have collected some of the lifeboats which have been filled with various colors of thread and I have arranged them with various models, here are the photos.













category :
#Yarn #lifeboat #kompenenmachine #colour #spool

If you like the photos I share, you are free to use them.

Thank you for friends who have seen some of the photos that I share at this time, hopefully it can make you like it, welcome to see you in my next post, best regards @vikar


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I love the concept of this photography, greetings from the Philippines!

Thank you friend, greetings from Indonesia 🥰

You're welcome (^_^)

I love how you made photography easy with your mobile phone.... Do you edit with any app?

thank you @mistural. i edit using lightroom mobile app

This is lovely and awesome my friend 🤗
Great to see those photos...
You can also guide me about this comunity how can i post on it..
I am just back to you 🤗